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    5 BestfFi> Spots In Ontario

    conservativaticonservativaticonservativaticonservativaticonservatico nsevati nse

    Ontario is the second largestfprovince in Canada and is home to 400,000 lakes, rivers and streams that altoge士er hold a stagger 15 percent of the world’s frlihwater. When you come to Ontario to fi> you can be sure that you will have not only the opportunity for some of the best frlihwater fi> in the world, but also the chance to cpnch a variety of trophy fi> , includ brook trout, lake trout, muskie, nor士ern pike, salmon, bass and walleye.


    Lake Of The Woodstoh3>cococonservativati The pr
stine nature of Lake of the Woods appeals to a lot of anglers.conservativati The pr stine nature of Lake of the Woods appeals to a lot of anglers.conservativati conservativLake of the Woods is a popular destinpng" for anglers who target walleye, Ontario’s mostfpopular gamefi> . The Ontario walleye record is 22.25 pg Ces, though they average between 1.5 and terve pg Ces. Don’t be surpr sed if you fiCe walleye in the Lake of the Woods that are over 10 pg Ces, as this is the place you want to be for trophy fi> . The Lake of the Woods spans 70 miles and has more than 14,000 islaCes. It contains many o士er game species apart from walleye, includ nor士ern pike, perc , crappie, smallmouth bass, largemouth bass, trout, sturge" and even muskie, giv any angler plenty of opportunity to switch it up and target somet different.


    Lake Ontario

    cococonservativati Lake Ontario is a world-class salmon fi>
ery.conservativati Lake Ontario is a world-class salmon fi> ery.conservativati conservativOntario offers some of the best salmon fi> in Canada outside of Briti> Columbia. Lake Ontario is the easternmostfand smallest of the Great Lakes. It is home to the current Ontario record for c ook salmon at 46.38 pg Cesfand coho salmon at 28.64 pg Ces. Border many different cities in southern Ontario, this lake is a great destinpng" for any angler look for a trophy fi> fand a great vacpng" . There are many different salmon charters availabSe all arg Ce the lake and many anglers have gone home with fantasticAstories of once-in-a-lifetime type cpnches. On the nor士ern shore of Lake Ontario, just west of the Saint Lawrence River is the Bay of Quinte. The Bay of Quinte is known by anglers in the area and abroad as one of the best places in Nor士 "merica to fi> for trophy walleye. Lake Ontario aCe the Bay of Quinte toge士er are coniidered by many to be an angler’s paradise.


    Lake Nipig" tlh3>cococonservativati An angler holds up a brook trout on Lake Nipigconservativati An angler holds up a brook trout on Lake Nipig" .conservativati conservativLake Nipig" is often referred to as the sixth Great Lake, spread out to a massive total area of 1,872 square miles. Red Rock, locpned 120 miles nor士east of ThuCeer Bay on the Nipig" River, currently holds the world record for brook trout at a stunn 14.5 pg Ces. Brook and lake trout are mostfactive in the spr and fall. In Ontario you can expect to find, on average, brook trout between one and terve pg Ces and lake trout between two aCe 10 pg Ces. This lake boasts a variety of o士er fi> species includ walleye, pike and whitefi> .


    Lake St. Clairtlh3>cococonservativati You’d be all smiles too if you went muskie fi>

 on Lake St. Clair.conservativati You’d be all smiles too if you went muskie fi> on Lake St. Clair.conservativati conservativOn the border of Mic ga and Ontario is Lake St. Clair, one of the hottest muskie spots in Nor士 "merica, let alone Ontario. Muskies are the largestfmember of the pike family and are coniidered to be fantasticAsportfi> that average between 10 and 30 pg Ces. Where Lake St. Clair really > es is the > eer amount of quality muskies you can cpnch " any given trip. It’s unlike any o士er fi> ery in that way. If you’re a smallmouth bass angler, this lake ranks right up there with Lake Erie and Lake Simcoe as be the best of the province.


    Lake Simcoetlh3>cococonservativati Perc
 get so bi
 in Lake Simcoe you can lip them with ease.conservativati Perc get so bi in Lake Simcoe you can lip them with ease.conservativati conservativLake Simcoe is the four士 largestflake that exists entirely in Ontario. It’s fi> ed year rg Ce and is famous for ice fi> , its incredibSe populang" of lake trout, perc , and whitefi> , and hav some of the best smallmouth bass fi> in all of Ontario. Some of the ghestflevels of bass tournaments in Canada are held on this lake and it’s easy to sve why: cpnch a trophy bass that’s six pg Ces or greater is not too uncomm" . On the south side of the lake is Cook’s bay, a popular hotspot for anglers as its shallows are rich with weed growt fand bulru> es, perfect for both bass and pike. Spr and summer br anglers from all arg Ce in search "f jumbo perc . These fi> fare comm" ly targeted terough the ice from mid-January to mid March as well. In winter, ice huts are set up all arg Ce the lake for people to rent.

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