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“ Top 10 Bass Fishing Tips for Spring “

Posted by on Apr 6, 2011   12:00 AM  | Fishing Tips & Techniques

Bass Fishing in Spring
 Aside from the current cold front, and the heavy south winds we have had here in Middle Tennessee, the early spring can be the most productive time for bass fishing. From February through the end of May a bass angler can practice his skills with the assistance of feeding bass. Here are some helpful tips for increasing your bass fishing skills.  Remember these tips are not just for the South, they can be used any place in North America as the water warms from the south to the extreme north.   

1. It seems that from March until the second week of April wind is factor that keeps most anglers off the water. Use spinning tackle and fish with swimbaits, weighted tubes or a spinnerbait for casting in high wind. Move into deep cove and fish the channel, keep the bow into the wind, or the safest method in high wind, fish from the bank.

2. Seasonal cold fronts in the spring will send bass back into their deep-water haunts. They will feed less but they will still feed. Fish from 8 – 15 feet in depth, using electronics to locate suspending bass and target that depth. The wind and spring showers continue to warm the water, be as patient as the bass are.

3. Watch the water temperature to become 55 to 60 degrees. Warm water means bass will come out of the lethargic state and begin to move and feed. This is the time when some bass begin to move toward their spawning flats, as other older mature females will hold in areas from 8 – 15 feet for their turn and perfect conditions.

4. Creek channels are traffic areas for bass, as the fish move into the spawning flats to reproduce. Points on these creek channels are great places to fish with a crankbait. Fish deep enough to scrape the bottom around points and drop offs. Use natural colors like green to imitate small bluegill or perch and reds, orange and brown to resemble crayfish colors.

5. In addition to fishing points and drop offs ledges, look for old road beds and focus on the ditches along side the road beds, these ruts that were once used to drain water off of a road, are now the road for moving bass. Also try rocky rip rap as well as grassy areas with close access to deeper water adjacent to shallow spawning flats.

6. When fishing the channel points located close to a spawning area, pull a scented tube along the bottom slowly. Try crayfish, pumpkinseed, and black and blue colors.

7. If you are not getting any bites, simply slow down your presentation. Remember that the temperature of the bass at their holding depth is the deciding factor that turns on the instinct to feed heavy before the spawn.

8. The weed beds adjacent to a channel are a preferred area for emerging spring bass. On calm mornings and afternoon use topwater baits for a blast. Late morning through early evening, try big worms or lizards, or a slow-rolling spinnerbait through and between mats of weeds.

9. Look for sharp bends or humps in channels near large flat shallow areas, begin in the shallow area and fish back toward deeper water.

10. Look for shad and signs of crawfish in deeper coves. Try fishing a small jig with a craw colored trailer using a slow retrieve. The jig and pig fires up the smallmouth on the rocky bluffs at Dale Hollows deep coves.

I have also included a great video that WFN posted on this topic in case you missed it. It compliments the tested and proven tactics of locating early season bass.    

 And there you have them, my top 10 spring bass fishing tips and great tips from WFN. Please post feed back and let me know if they helped you to get more fish to the boat.  

Happy Fishing!