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Tips for Spring Brook Trout on the Fly

Posted by on Apr 25, 2012   12:00 AM  | Spring Fishing GuideWFN Community

If you want to land big beautiful brook trout in the spring try using Streamer Patterns, Minnow Imitations, Dry Fly Attractor Patterns and Match the Hatch to entice the trout to bite, depending on the weather and temperature you may want to fish different patterns.


Some streamers you want for the spring are….

Mickey Finn

Black Ghost (Marabou Version)

and of course,

Minnow Imitations

If there is baitfish, match the minnow. If there is smelt, use smelt patterns, same with any other minnows. Here are some examples of Minnow Imitations…

Magog Smelt

Black Cone-head Woolly Bugger (with Flash)

Baby Brook Trout

Match the Hatch

If there is Nymphs or Hatching flies attempt to match the hatch and use flies that resemble these nymphs or flies. Use different fly patterns to match the hatch, here are some of my favorite…

Stonefly Nymph (Beadhead Version)

Pheasant Tail Nymph (PTN)

You can fish this with or without a bead-head but I like the bead-head PTN better. PTNs can be tied to fish from size 16-10, I like to fish them in size 12s.

Hares Ear Nymph

Extended Body Mayflies (Such as Green Drakes)

Elk Hair Caddis


Dry Fly Attractor Patterns

These are by far my favorite flies to fish in the summer months! and produce nearly 70% of my fish on the fly! Here are my favorite patterns…

Fishy’s Foam Hopper

Royal Stimulator

Parachute Royal Coachman


Here are my awards for my efforts of fishing in the rain, hot sun and black flies!
Nice Sea Trout on a Magog Smelt Variation