12:00 AM ET

BC Outdoors Sportfishing

BC Outdoors Sportfishing

Mr.Port Hardy

Mike Mitchell and Mike Kelly head out in search of Chinook salmon

12:30 AM ET

Angler West TV

Angler West TV

1:00 AM ET

Westcoast Sporting Journal

Westcoast Sporting Journal

Fly Strategies for salmon

Flyfishing for big silvers Calvert Island

1:30 AM ET

Sport Fishing on the Fly

Sport Fishing on the Fly

Bow River Attractors

Don and Dale go after some monster Brown and Rainbow Trout on the Bow River near Calgary, Alberta

2:00 AM ET

The New Fly Fisher

The New Fly Fisher

Drift Outfitters

Bill Spicer loves small stream fly fishing for trout and in this episode he travels to a number of idyllic small streams with the owner of Drift Outfitters based in Toronto. Lots of great information on flies, rigging options and presentation.

2:30 AM ET


Fish'n Canada

Aye Aye Captain Mike

Eagle Lake in north west Ontario is deemed as one of the best fishing lakes in all of the province... with Muskie included. Pete Bowman teams up with his buddy Captain Mike Richardson (considered a Muskie expert) and they hit the Eagle from all angles for more than just Muskie. For more details visit: www.fishncanada.com

3:00 AM ET

The Next Bite

The Next Bite

Casting Summertime Big Water Muskies

Chase Parsons, John Hoyer and Korey Sprengel dissect Leech Lake structure, in late summer, for nomadic monster muskies.

3:30 AM ET

Fishing the Wild West

Fishing the Wild West

Bow River with Mike Robertson

Crankbaits & Brown trout on the Bow River

4:00 AM ET

Fishful Thinker TV

Fishful Thinker TV

Adobe Creek Mixed Bag

High plains lakes can fluctuate in water level year to year, but Chad LaChance times his visit to this popular Colorado fishery perfectly and finds the action fast and furious at Blue Lake SWA.

4:30 AM ET

Reel West Coast

Reel West Coast

North Island Frenzy

Brendan and Willie head to Walter?s Cove Resort where they have a unique First Nations cultural experience before getting into the largest frenzy of salmon they?ve ever experienced

5:00 AM ET

Bill Boyce

Bill Boyce's Cali

Santa Barbara & Channel Islands

Captain Scott Summersgill treats Bill Boyce to a calico bass frenzy at the Channel Islands National Park.

5:30 AM ET

Hooked on Africa

Hooked on Africa

Angolan Silver

Angola Tarpon Inside Angling visits Kwanza river lodge in Angola, to do battle with some of the huge tarpon that move into the area in the summer months. Tommo ends up catching a number of these amazing fish, enjoying their spectacular aerial antics.

6:00 AM ET

Yucatan Anglers TV

Yucatan Anglers TV

Yucatan Anglers TV- Episode 1

Host Randy Bowser takes you fishing in Progreso, Mexico for speckled sea trout and Rio Lagartos for tarpon.

6:30 AM ET


Here's the Catch

Flats & off-shore Mackerel and Bonito

Join Italo & his guest Ross Scroble as they test IRT spinning reels of flats and off-shore fish.

7:00 AM ET

Hook N

Hook N' Look

O-Wacky Wisdom

Kim demostrates the effectiveness of skipping a weightless O-Wacky rigged 'Ocho' stickworm under pontoon boats and docks. Then, reveals the versatility of the rig while drop-shotting in deeper water.

7:30 AM ET

Fish TV

Fish TV

Lang Lake Resort

The Fish TV crew head north to Algoma Country to Lang Lake Resort for a mix of smallmouth and largemouth bass. This is one show you have to see.

8:00 AM ET

Bill Dance Outdoors

Bill Dance Outdoors

Split Shottin'

Travel to the lake with Bill Dance as he demonstrates a high percentage technique to catch some big, fat, inactive bass.

8:30 AM ET

Bob Izumi

Bob Izumi's Real Fishing Show

Fishing with JP Bushey

Bob is fishing Georgian Bay with guide JP Bushey targeting pike and lake trout.

9:00 AM ET

Big Coast

Big Coast

Rivers Inlet Cape Caution

Fishing just outside Rivers Inlet can provide some outstanding salmon angling?and so can the Southbound run around Cape Caution for Tom Velisek.

9:30 AM ET

In-Fisherman TV

In-Fisherman TV

Fishing Destinations of the Decade

The In-Fisherman staff reveals some of the hottest fishing spots in North America, as they fly in to Scott Lake, Saskatchewan for giant pike and lake trout; cover the tremendous fishing for smallmouths, walleyes, and muskies on the Green Bay portion of Lake Michigan; and highlight secrets to catching crappies on Mississippi reservoirs peaking right now.

10:00 AM ET

Florida Sportsman Best Boat

Florida Sportsman Best Boat

"Arrowglass 24, Sea Born SX281, Belzona 40CC?"

Today, on Florida Sportsman Best Boat...For anglers and their families who are interested in adventuring outside of the inlet, we will be taking a look at the Arrowglass 248 CC; If you are serious about offshore fishing, but require comfort for the family, we'll be taking a look at the Sea Born SX281 Offshore; For serious boaters who want to enjoy time on the water, but not give up the ability to fish, we will be taking a look at Belzona 40CC.

10:30 AM ET

Reel Time Florida Sportsman

Reel Time Florida Sportsman

Flippin?, Punchin?, and Pitchin?

Lake Kissimmee is a world premier largemouth bass fishing destination. It would only make sense for Capt. George Gozdz to travel there to find out everything he needed to know about the sport and the fish itself.

11:00 AM ET

Trev Gowdy

Trev Gowdy's Monster Fish

Canadian Sturgeon

Fred Lavitman searches for the 1,000 lb Sturgeon of the Fraser River.

11:30 AM ET


Zona's Awesome Fishing Show

Chris Lane - Guntersville

Moving from Florida to Guntersville years ago, former Bassmaster Classic Champion and resident 'Bull in a China Shop' Chris Lane has made himself right at home. Throw in ZAFS rolling into town and the China Shop doesn't stand a chance.

12:00 PM ET

Ultimate Catch

Ultimate Catch

Turneffe Island Bones

Capt.Eric Ciocher heads to beatiful Turneffe Atoll in Belize for some none stop Bones Fish Action! With hie local guide KP.

12:30 PM ET

The Obsession of Carter Andrews

The Obsession of Carter Andrews

The Stuart Loop

Carter joins friend Mike Holiday to fish the waters between Stuart and Ft Pierce, T

1:00 PM ET

Jarrett Edwards Outdoors

Jarrett Edwards Outdoors

Snow Storm Trout

Beau Meyer joins Jarrett Edwards for a great morning of trout fishing in Southern Colorado.

1:30 PM ET

Hank Parker

Hank Parker's Outdoor Magazine


After a N. Mexico elk hunt with his friend, Jerry Blake, Hank suggested the two hook up for another extraordinary outing, a hunt for smallmoiuth bass. Soon the two were in the glorious waters of the Thousand Islands on one more 'hunt' to remember!

2:30 PM ET

Jimmy Houston Outdoors

Jimmy Houston Outdoors

Two Legends

Jimmy is fishing with kayaking legend Eric Jackson and I the 2nd part of show he will be with bass legend Roland Martin.

3:00 PM ET

JP DeRose Breaking Boundaries

JP DeRose Breaking Boundaries

Pre-Winter Largemouth Bass

This week, JP is joined by tournament angler Lenny Devos and the two go hunting largemouth bass in late October just North of Kingston, Ontario. With a recent cold snap driving down the water temperatures and possible turnovers conditions in the lake, can the two anglers even get bit?

3:30 PM ET

The Scott Martin Challenge

The Scott Martin Challenge

West Coast Grouper Challenge

The Martin Boys join Join Clay Shidler from Hang 'em High Sport Fishing from Crystal River for a shallow water grouper extravaganza.

4:00 PM ET

Major League Fishing

Major League Fishing

Summit Cup Elimination Round 2

9 anglers compete to advance in the Wiley X Summit Cup on Hubbard Lake. Only 6 will survive. From Alpena, MI.

6:00 PM ET

Major League Fishing

Major League Fishing's All Angles

I'm Fixin' to Crash and Burn

Learn how the pros played the game on Day 1 of the 2019 Summit Cup. Featuring exclusive interviews and behind the scenes content. From Waterville, Maine.

6:30 PM ET

Collegiate Bass Championships

Collegiate Bass Championships

2018 Cabela's Collegiate Big Bass Bash presented by Berkley - Day 2

The Cabela?s Collegiate Bass Fishing Series presents Day 2 of the 2018 Cabela?s Collegiate Big Bass Bash presented by Berkley at Kentucky Lake in Paris, Tennessee! Anglers have already weighed in some Kentucky Lake giants on day 1 here in Paris, Tennessee but will they be able to hold on! Find out this week on the Cabela?s Collegiate Bass Fishing Series!

7:00 PM ET



FLW Tour Championship - Forrest Wood Cup

The championship of the FLW Tour features the best professional anglers in North America and the World competing for a top prize of $300K. Who will figure out the key to catching bass on Lake Ouachita in the hot days of summer?

8:00 PM ET

Robson Green Grand Slam Fishing

Robson Green Grand Slam Fishing

Florida Keys

This week Robson is heading for the alligator infested waters of the Everglades to try for the Bay and Estuary Grand Slam. But first he?s training up in the reefs and mangroves of the beautiful Florida Keys.

9:00 PM ET

Robson Green

Robson Green's Extreme Fisherman


Robson travels to the heart of Central America on a mission to catch the fastest fish on the planet, the Sailfish, incredible predators that have been clocked at over a hundred kilometres an hour. This coastline is so extraordinary Robson wants to raise the bar and catch three in one day. Along the way he soaks up the Caribbean vibe of Livingston, teaming up with the Garifuna people to catch and cook sharp toothed Sierra Mackerel. And in the flooded crater of a super volcano Robson goes head to head with a fish that?s so intelligent it often outwits anglers

10:00 PM ET


Robson's Extreme Fishing Challenge


This week Robson?s off to a country you?d normally associate with romance and honeymoons ? but he?s going for a completely different reason. Its home to the marlin world cup, it?s got the third largest coral reef in the world, and well ? it?s the idyllic paradise island of Mauritius! Robson jumps in at the deep end with some dangerous surf casting against a man most locals won?t fish against. Standing chin deep in the thundering surf gives Robson a serious wake up call and a pretty amazing Barracuda! Then its hunting time?as Robson struggles to find one of the best kept secrets on the island, a private lake filled with Large Mouth Bass. There?s a very early start when he takes on a local fisherman who handlines for Tuna six miles off shore and a battle of minds when Robson tracks down and challenges the very man who first thought him to deep sea fish. Its master versus apprentice!

11:00 PM ET

Grand Slam Fishing

Grand Slam Fishing

Episode 8

Darren ?Dazza? Cleave continues to investigate the sustainability of the South Pacific?s recreational fishing resources as he travels to the sun-kissed paradise of the Kingdom of Tonga. Here, he braves the treacherous coral reefs and pounding surf in tiny boats with the local fishermen ? hunting tuna with hand lines. He also goes after massive mahi mahi and hunts for that ever-elusive world ?record-size marlin swordfish.