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Replacing Treble Hooks With Single Hooks

Posted by on Jun 22, 2010   12:00 AM  | WFN Community


More than ever before manufacturers of fishing lures are dressing their lures with single hooks rather than the standard treble hooks.  Also anglers are switching the lures in the tackle boxes they carry from the original treble hooks to single hooks.  Let’s take a look at some of the reasoning in making this switch as well as the pros and cons of what some might consider such a drastic change.

Why should an angler give consideration to replacing the treble hooks on their lures with single hooks?  The experts seem to agree that the most important reason for switching hooks is to increase the survival rate among the fish that are caught and released by us anglers.  So in an effort to decrease the mortality rates of these fish, anglers are starting to make a difference by changing over to the use of single hooks. 

My biggest concern before going the undertaking of this environmentally friendly move was that of possibly losing fish due to having only hook point instead of three.  Many anglers are saying that they do not significantly see any changes in their hook up ratios after removing the treble hooks and replacing them with the single siwash hooks.  That information was very refreshing for me because there are days when my bites are few and far between. Inline spinners seem to have been tested quite extensively for this.  Studies indicate that a size 2 and below spinner should not have the treble hooks replaced, but size 3 and above is fine to replace the treble hooks.  The reason for this is that the smaller spinners will not be balanced unless they have the treble hook remain in place.  Spoons of all sizes also seem to get the green light for changing to the single hooks. 

You will need to know how to determine the proper sized siwash hook to replace whatever treble hook happens to be on each particular lure.  You will want the gap of the single replacement hook to be as wide as the point to point gap in the original treble hook.  Janns Netcraft has a downloadable sizing chart that can be very useful for this purpose.  Sizing is critical so you will want to follow this chart closely.  According to my calculations a size 6 treble hook would be replaced with a size 2/0 single hook and a size 8 treble should be replaced by a size 1/0 single hook.

My next concern is will the replacement single hooks impair the action of a crankbait?  The information found on this subject was mostly inconclusive but more people say that changing to these hooks on a crankbait can affect the lure’s action.  Recommendations are that lures should be made void of their “Belly” hooks and the rear treble should be replaced with a single hook.  This will ensure that the fish stays out of the water for a shorter period of time while being unhooked which creates less stress on that fish.  This also makes the lure able to run without the single hooks tangling up due to the longer shank length.

Another added plus for the use of single hooks is that they make the lures tangle up in weeds and rocks less than their treble hook counterparts.  This equates to more fishing time and fewer lost lures that need to be replaced.  So why not “become green” and give this environmentally friendly switch a try.  Thank you for reading.