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Salmon Recipes

Atlantic Smoked Salmon with Scallion Potato Rosti Recipe

Posted June 23, 2014  | Fish RecipesWFN Community

Catch 2 Kitchen recipe: This dish is guaranteed to impress any seafood lover in your life and is quite easy to prepare.

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Salmon Cashews and Angel Hair Pasta

Posted February 26, 2014  | Fish RecipesWFN Community

Here’s a quick dish you can put together in under 20 minutes and will work will almost any fish. Poach the salmon, prepare the pasta, and get ready for a delicious meal that’s great for a crowd!

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Bill Boyce’s Perfect Bagel and Lox

Posted February 11, 2014  | Fish Recipes

WFN Host Bill Boyce takes on this delicious sandwich in this video clip.

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Pineapple Poached Salmon & Stir-Fried Veggies

Posted February 9, 2014  | Fish RecipesWFN Community

Here’s a cool recipe that is low in sodium and sugars and covers all the basics for a healthy meal – Pineapple Poached Salmon and Stir Fry Vegetables.

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Grilled Salmon Recipe

Posted February 5, 2014  | Fish RecipesWFN Community

You probably already have the ingredients to do this grilled salmon recipe, so follow these easy steps and you’ll have some great tasting fish that will have your friends and family begging for more!

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Salmon tartare

Posted January 27, 2014  | Fish Recipes

Prep Time: 15 mins Serves: 4 Ingredients 400g spanking fresh salmon fillet 1 tbsp finely chopped sea aster ½ banana shallot, finely chopped 2 tsp baby capers 1 baby gherkin, […]

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Campsite Recipes: Simple Campsite Fish Fry

Posted May 28, 2013  | Fish Recipes

We wanted to eat some fish when we came back to the campsite, but when we came in we only had a few items on hand. Here’s a cool little recipe for salmon.

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How to Gut and Clean a Salmon

Posted March 27, 2013  | Fish Recipes

A guide on how to properly gut and clean a salmon. You’ll need a sharp knife and a steady hand, and the process is very simple. Try it yourself and tell us how it went!

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Salmon Cooking Tips

Posted March 27, 2013  | Fish Recipes

Advice on selecting and preparing various types of salmon including typical uses, how to recognize fresh salmon, and a helpful chart that links specific salmon species to the colour you should see on salmon at your local market.

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Preparing Cedar Planked Coho Salmon

Posted August 14, 2012  | Fish Recipes

WFN Ambassador Rick Clark walks you through his favourite salmon recipe for cedar planked salmon. The plank injects terrific flavour into the salmon, and though the recipe is fairly easy, the preparation looks impressive!

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