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A Father’s Day Feast

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Bacon-wrapped kokanee Bacon-wrapped kokanee WFN Ambassador Rick Clark

Check out some of our favorite recipes that make for a great Father’s Day feast, featuring dad’s favorite food, fish, and a few other supporting players (like bacon).

Appetizer: Bacon Wrapped Kokonee

To start, bacon up some kokanee with this easy recipe from WFN Ambassador Rick Clark. Sure, you can add a salad. Or some vegetables. Isn’t bacon a vegetable? 

Get the recipe: Bacon Wrapped Kokonee 

Main Course: Lobster Spaghetti

If you’re feeling ambitious, try this lobster spaghetti. It’s actually not as tricky as it looks, and the addition of serrano, poblano or jalapeno peppers complements the rich taste of lobster. 

Get the recipe: Lobster Spaghetti

Even easier main: Fish ‘n Chips

Or keep things dead easy with fish ‘n chips. Try substituting your favourite white beer or pilsner if Leinenkugels isn’t available in your area. Chicken broth makes a good substitute for the beer, too.

Get the recipe: Leinenkugels Honey Cajun Fish Recipe

Hearty Meal: New England Clam Chowder

If you’re looking for a meal that’ll really fill you up, then try this clam chowder recipe, featured in episode 5 of World Fishing Journal.

Get the recipe: New England Clam Chowder

Snack: Bagel and Lox

Sometimes, you just can’t beat a sandwich for its simplicity and all around tastiness. Check out the video from the link below to see Bill Boyce make the perfect cream cheese bagel and lox!

Get the recipe: Bagel with cream cheese and lox

What are you cooking for Father’s Day?