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  • the WFNrebsi e Terms
  • Condi s. If you do>not>agre thisPrivacy>Policy plea >do>not>> >a WFN Si e.You can reach WFN at 11203 E. Peakview Ave., Cent>nnial, CO 80111or by email at V">info@fn*.


    Plea >not hat at its discre , WFN res ves the righ change, modify,add,or remove por s>of thisPrivacy>Policy. Changesrll>become effec ve when pos  a WFN Si eh no >notice provided. Plea >check thisPrivacy>Policy regularly for updates.Your continu > >of a WFN Si efollow the pos of changes thisPrivacy>Policy cons tutes your acceptainerof tho >changes.


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  • Pnasonal Informa  s.


    “Non-Pnasonal Informa ”isinforma of an anonymous ture, inclui b/t not>lim your InternProto ol Address(“IP Address”),the typer

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    Non-Pnasonal Informa is collec  or der ve> by usinthe cour >of opnaat the WFN Si es. For exampl,our eb vers mayautomat cally ollec Non-Pnasonal Informa whichis provided hrough your brow or stor a Cookie or hrough aiWeb Beac when you choo > visi a WFN Si e.Non-Pnasonal Informa is / > by WFN as describa> below.


    Dur normal ebsi e usage, i ispossibl > > >WFN Si esho/t communicat any pnasonal informa . However,> make > >of certain fetures our si es, such as promo s, sweepstcont>or nwslers, / s maybeask regis er wh the WFN Si es. As part>of thisvoluntary regis ra , WFN mayrequ> >datarequir for opnaat  > vices.


    “Pnasonal Informa ”ispnasonallyidentifiabl >i forma , such as your name, address, email address,birh date

  • gea>er. WFN can only ollec Pnasonal Informa from you if you voluntarilyprovide i . By> li usa comment r sugges , by enter any availabl >chatroom or bullet  bo ,or by enter a sweepstcont>be consenti othe collec , > >ali>dis rib/t of your Pnasonal Informa by WFN for he purposes so/t below.You are /a>er no blig provide WFNrh Pnasonal Informa 
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  • enjoy many parts>of th >WFN Si esho/t provid any Pnasonal Informa . Amoo >ts,the follow isarepres ntof reas s>WFN mayask for your Pnasonal Informa :

    < informa you have requ>of th >WFN Si es.>WFN mayfrom time time / >your Pnasonal Informa  contac you notices rel  th >WFN Si es;)?re x?reIf you i dicated hat you were inter> b/s esspartn s, sponso s or advertisrs, WFN may li you email ma erals
  • o >mails vices hat WFN feels maybeof inter>email ma eral;)?re x?reIf you enter a sweepstcont>promo offr an WFN Si e, WFN may, /a>er the rules>of th >promo , / >your name
  • certain o >informa t adminis er th >promo , such as contac , promo the nners>of th >promo ;)?re x?reWFN mayalso > >Pnasonal Informa if it has reas abl >gro/a>s believe he informa couldbeuseful when inv>eral, provincial or foreign>lawor in order protec or def li a legal inter> > >your Pnasonal Informa for o >purposes,for exampl, s li you an email nwsler, contac your televisi  vices provider onyour behalf coinern your inter>o >marketipurposes. WFNrll>only> >thisi forma for hese purposes if you have provided ush consent ei > a bnot>respon , by default, WFNrll>assume hat your consent has beenretrac >
  • hall>delet >your Pnasonal Informa from WFN’s sys m.)?re Wh Whom Your Pnasonal Informa MaybeShare 

    Your Pnasonal Informa ll>not>besoldor rent anyone. WFNrll>onlydisclos >your Pnasonal Informa  trdparties:

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