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World Record Mako Shark

Posted by on Jun 28, 2013   3:27 PM  | Angling & Sport Fishing News
World Record Mako Shark caught in Huntington Beach, California Is this mako shark a world record for Jason Johnston?
record mako shark
New Fishall Bait

Texas angler Jason Johnston has likely broken an IGFA all-tackle world record with an 11-foot, 1323.5-pound shortfin mako shark he caught 15 miles out from Huntington Beach, California.

If the catch weight is verified, it could break the 12-year-old IGFA all-tackle record of 1,221 pounds, taken off Chatham, Massachusetts in 2001.

Jason Johnston of Mesquite, Texas chartered a boat June 10 and hooked up with the huge fish, which took more than two hours to bring to the boat.

Johnston’s catch measures 11 feet in length and eight feet around its midsection. It was officially measured by Kent Williams, a California-certified fish weight master and owner of New Fishall Bait, where the shark was taken for frozen storage.

“Ninety-nine out of 100 people who are out fishing for sharks catch this and will not be able to land it, said Williams to the Associated Press. “There’s very few of these caught each year, but every time one’s caught, people make a big deal about it.”

According to California fishing regulations, anglers are allowed to take two shortfin mako per day with no size limit.

For more details, including what will become of the remains, check out this video from the Associated Press.