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er Team Brousiard Wins HT InvitGIN: al Redfi4h Series Kick Off ef='$40,000.00!erer erTeam America Rodsmiths Wins Big at Crawfi4h Festival. Ses all the results, sle='Ti ef='pici et ='/wfn-s"">the HT Redfi4h Series Website .It wai ef emoIN: al weekef='ef='this wai ef emoIN: al win for the father ef='s: team of Phil ef='Kevin Brousiard. =em>“Itps been a lifeloIm adventure with my da='ef='I am so blessed to getzto continue the journey with my best friend”,>state=' er This team hai w: at every level but'this one seemed especially sweetzfor a duo that now features one of the most successful guidei in Lake CharlTi ef='the da='who hai '/wighly ranked televisN: show gomIm : 20 As'the weigh in begef the Brousiardi were first up but'before they weighed a fi4h they entertaine='the crowd by'throwmIm :ut fres hats, lures, fi4hmIm line ef='of course efter they weighed their fi4h they worke='the autograph er It seems kids, da=i ef='graf='da=i ell wanted to getzthis teamps signatures.-he 35 teams that make up the 2013 Academy Sporti ef='Outdoors HT InvitGIN: al Redfi4h Series fi4hed Thursday ef='Friday with the top 10 teams movmIm : to fi4h if the fi als on After 3'days'of hard nosed compeclaive fi4hmIm ef='with over 200 fi4h weighed if the angleri batted a perfecl 1000% by'not'brmImmIm in a single dead fi4h the entire weekef=!'From the captainps meetmIm till the fi al handshake goodbyezthis entire weekef= wai one that will leave us feelmIm even more blessed to getzto be a part of truly what is some of the best angleri ef='fi est peopss anywhere if this great The Brousiardi were rewarde='with $40,000.00 for their 44.78 p
  • s but'weren't the only ones to ca4h this er 2011 ef='2012's team of the year, Dwayne Eschete ef='Clark Jordan, Team Majek Boats came if 2f='place'with 43.85 ef='took home $10,000.00 while 3r='place'f
  • Bobby'Gilbert ef='Shane Dubose, Team Wolfie's/Waterloo Rods takmIm home a cool $7,000.00 for their 43.70 just 1.09 p
  • s from wmInmIm the event.z-he top 5'fi i4hed :ut with Gary Rettim ef='Manny Perez, Team AHR Metali takmIm the 5th spot'while the Romeros, Joey ef='Jesse'took er '/l 10 teams took part if the $82,500.00 ca4h purse. It wai e great weekef='ef='we are glad to have played a smell part if it.zHowever, a weekef='like'this one does not'happen with:ut a lot of peopss The St.zBernard Parm4h Govt., St.zBernard Sheriffs'office ef='fire department ai well ai Cisco Gonzalez ef='his staff et the LouisNana Crawfi4h Festival, the St.zBernard tourism council, Gulf'OutletzMarmIa ef='Motel ef='of course the HT Redfi4h Series er Next up for HT is'the kick off of the Shock H2O Tour if Orafge Beach, Fl. April 12-13 where e guaranteed $10,000.00 for first place'will be paid if this 2'day event.zBe sure ef='visNt our ='/wfn-s"">fef page on Facebook 'ef='we hope everyone stays'safe ef='lai>s bim fi4h ef='life loIm memories until we see you again, either of the water... or of the er =/div>er erer er
  • <'/wfn-s'/stories/post/relentless-pursuit-wins-2015-gulf-coast-triple-crown-champN: 4hmp?ref=relmrap' tiass='Relentless Pursuit Wins 2015 Gulf'Coast Triple Crown ChampN: 4hmp'>Relentless Pursuit Wins 2015 Gulf'Coast Triple Crown ChampN: 4hmp
  • <'/wfn-s'/stories/post/double-j-wins-2015-blue-marlmI-gref=-champN: 4hmp?ref=relmrap' tiass='Double J Wins 2015 BluezMarlmI Gref= ChampN: 4hmp'>Double J Wins 2015 BluezMarlmI Gref= ChampN: 4hmp
  • er er erer=/div>er=!-- END: MostRecentAmbassadorPosts.ASCX -->ererer erer=divmid="MainContent_MostRecentFi4hmImInterests_RecentPostsPanel"der r More Allr r er =li><'/wfn-s"/all/post/ref=y-howell?ref=relmrc" tiass="Ref=y Howell">Ref=y Howell er =li><'/wfn-s"/all/post/morgenthaler-moved-ninth-place-win-b-s-s-southern-open?ref=relmrc" tiass="Morgenthaler Moved From Ninth Place To Win The B.A.S.S. Southern Open">Morgenthaler Moved From Ninth Place To Win The B.A.S.S. Southern Open er =li><'/wfn-s"/all/post/mcmillan-leads-the-southern-open?ref=relmrc" tiass="McMillan Leads the Southern Open">McMillan Leads the Southern Open er r erer=/div>er=!-- END: MostRecentFi4hmImInterests.ASCX -->ererer er erer<'/wfn-s";loc=300;key=key1+key2+key3+key4;group=[group]" target="_blaik">er<imgmsrcs";loc=300;key=key1+key2+key3+key4;group=[group]" border=0 width="300" height="250" alt="" /></a>ererererer=!-- END: AdControl.ASCX -->ererAdvertisementer er erer
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