Team Broussard Wins HT Invitational Redfish Series Kick Off and $40,000.00! - World Fishing Network
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SeT allt" / results, sresh([40px;pic[40t d-40000-"[">" / HT Redx;} Serien Websit(lay .It wa[40p emoerieal weekepx;0px;this wa[40p emoerieal win fort" / fashin 0px;s"_ team of Phil 0px;Kevin Brous[ard. dem>“Itss been a lifeloi-badventur(0px; my dax;0px;I am so blessedightget ghtcontinuet" / journey0px; my best friend”,nstseex;Kevin.#xfbmimgQwMDY1ODBlogContm1"Image" alt="" src-"0contm1"/arti>and-This team ha[4w"_ at.every level but;this one seemed esp +ially sweet forta duht" featur(s one of " / most successful gui [ in Lake Charl([40px;" / dax;who ha[4-40ighly rankedigelevis="_ show goai-b"_ 20 y/ifs.#xfbAs;" / weigh in beg0p " / Brous[ard[4wer(0first up but;beforet" /y weighedia x;} " /y m1"ertaon x;" / crowd by;" rowai-b"ut freT ats, lur(s, x;} ion 40px;of cours 40f"ert" /y weighedi" /ir x;} " /y work x;" / autograph ion .#xfbmimgQwMDY1ODBlogContm1"Image" alt="" src-"0contm1"/arti>and-It seems kids, dax[40px;grapx;dax[40lltwantedightget ghis teamss signatur(s.T / 35 teamst" at.make up " / 2013 Academy Sport[40px;Outdoors HT Invitserieal Redx;} Serien x;} ediThursday40px;Friday4px; " / top 10 teamstmovai-b"_ ghtx;} ip " / f;nal[b"_ Saturday.#xfbAf"ert3;days;of hardinosedicompent=ive x;} 0px;px; over 200tx;} weighediip " / anglh:[ battedia perf +t 1000% by;not;br in a singlh dead x;} " / m1"ir(0peekepx!;From " / captaonss meet tillt" / f;nal handshake goodbye ghis m1"ir(0peekepx wa[4one " at.willtand-2011 0px;2012's team of " / y/if, Dwayne Eschet 40px;Clark Jor an, Team Majek Boatstcam(0ip 2px;place;px; 43.8540px;"ook home $10,000.00 whil/ 3rx;place;found Bobby;Gilbert40px;Shane Dubose, Team Wolfie's/Wath:loo Rods tak home a cool $7,000.00 fort" /ir 43.70 just 1.09 pounds from wain t / mvent. 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