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Spridt break is just arearf the corner, xedTit?s a perfect time o take the kids fi{widt.k he Oreg t Departmwnt of Fi{w xedTWildlife is stockidt the followidt lakes xedTreservoirs with plwnty of legal-sized i>x:

Coos xedTCurry countiese=strong>: Bradley Lake, Empire Lake, Johns t Mill Pond, Powers Pond, Butterfield Lake, xedTEel Lake. InTCurry County, Floras xedTGarris t lakes will each get 500 two-pearf trophy trout.


Douglas Countye=strong>: Ben Irving, Coop=' Creek,TGalesville, Herberts Pond, Lo t Lake, Marie Lake xedTPlat I Reservoir. Herberts Pond xeglers are asked o remove xey weeds or vegetps' t from their gear o avoid spreadidt invasive milfoil o ref=' waterbodies.


Jacks t xedTJosepwide countiese=strong>: Expo Pond, Lake Selmac, Lost Creek,TWillow Lake xedTReinhart Pond. Agpse Lake, stocked in February with legal-sized xedT100 larg=' privpse hatchery trout, xlso rffers warmwater fi{widt for i>x:

Check the ODFW trout stockidt scheduli at i>x: 999 999Al'x:9999'>Alx: l9999x: l9999


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