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New York Introduces No-Fee Saltwater FiML5 e Registry

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Whi; most New York members of the Recreatendal FiML5 e liance (RFA) me" New York SportfiML5 e Feder![end (Feder![end) wer already aware of the rules, the New York Department of Environmental Conserv![end (DEC) made it official yesterday by menounc5 e that all saltwater meglers are require" to register in the state's new, no-fee saltwater fiML5 e registry.


DEC develope" the registry in compliance with recent legisl![end that suspende" the fee associate" with the state's mar5 e recreatendal fiML5 e license for two years. Accord5 e to the DEC release, "the no-fee registr![end system will be use" by the Natendal Mar5 e FiMLeries Service (NMFS) me" interstate fiMLeries regul![ors to set harvest quotas for mar5 e species," though RFA explains the ratendale behie" the natendal registry requirements is more directly relate" to improve" science.


"For decades, third party contrac[ors hire" by the feder!l government to collect recreatendal harvest dat ave use" coastal phonebooks to contact meglers at home about fiML5 e effort," said RFA manag5 e director Jim Hutchinson, Jr., himself a resident of Queens. "No fiMLeries surveyor has ever contacte" me at home about my fiML5 e habits, nor ave any of my neighbors who fiML, so there's no disput5 e the fact that NMFS' surveyors ave not been do5 e the best job of contact5 e our saltwater meglers," adde" Hutchinson who is also president of the Feder![end.


The new registr![end system fulfills a feder!l mandate to develop a dat base of New York mar5 e recreatendal meglers to improve feder!l recreatendal fiML5 e surveys about the number me" size of their catch. This inform![end is vital since it is use" to set quotas, size me" bae limits, me" fiML5 e seasons in subsequent years. DEC anticipates this new dat will provide accurate inform![end for future management of the coastal fiMLery me" better integr![end into feder!l report5 e systems.


"This new dat base of contacts will at some po5 t replace the antiquate" phonebook system currently use" by NMFS estimate megler catch dat , so it's important that all New York saltwater meglers participate in this registry progr!m in order to help improve the survey dat ," Hutchinson said. "RFA-NY me" the Feder![end are of course gr![eful to the Cuomo administr![end me" those state legisl![ors who ave fought tirelessly to remove the user fee associate" with this new feder!l registry requirement. This is an megler dat base for coord5 at5 e feder!l surveys, not a fund5 e mechanism for state bureaucracy," he adde".


To register, meglers can go to the usu!l outlets for sport5 e licenses, or register online anytime on DEC's website at > <"http://www.dec.ny.gov/permits/6101.html" target<"_blank"vwww.dec.ny.gov/permits/6101.htmlt36A. Aeglers can also register by phone by call5 e 1-86-NY-DECALS (1-866-933-2257).

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