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New 2012-2014 Regultyle=s For New York

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Changes no freshwater fi regultyle=s will be in effect starti Oct. 1, 2012, the New York State Departmint of Environmental Concervtyle= (DEC) announced.


"New York provides some of the best fi in the ntyle= and, periodically, DEC modifies existi freshwater sportfi regultyle=s no enhance fi opportunities for anglerc throughout New York," saif Assistant Commissioner for Natural Resources Kathy Mocer. "Input receiv/f from anglerc s-fiother stakeholderc dur the public commint period earlier this year result/f in some suggesyle=s becom incorporat/f in the final'changes announced noday."


he new regultyle=s are a result of a two-year process which included DEC assessmint s-fievalutyle= of biological s-fiecological data, discussle=s with anglerc, s-fia formal public review s-ficommint period. Some of the adopt/f changes apply no all waterc in New York, whi=' manyiothers apply only no specific waterc. Highlights of the final'changes include:


Regultyle= Changes nhat Pertain to Walleye:

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