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    New 2012-2014 Regulh"> s For New York

    > fwc

    Changes to freshwater fi js. regulh"> s will be in effec< startis. Oct. 1, 2012, the New York State Departmint of Environmental Coneervh"> (DEC) announced.

    "New York providee some of the best fi js. i< the nh"> and, perfodf ally, DEC modffies existis. freshwater sportfi js. regulh"> s to enhance fi js. opportunities for anglere throughout New York," saix Assistant Commissioner for Natural Resources Kathy Moeer. "Input receivex from anglere dex:av-se stakeholdere durjs. the public commint perfod earlier this year resultex i< some sugges"> s becomjs. i

    nhe new regulh"> s are a result of a two-year process which i of biologf al dex:ecologf al data, discuss> s with anglere, dex:a formal public review dex:commint perfod. Some of the adoptex changes apply to all watere i< New York, whin' many:av-ses apply only to specific watere. Highlights of the finalichanges i

    Regulh"> Changes that Pertai< to Walleye:

    < tli Prohibit fi js. i< the followjs. stream sec<> e from March 16 until the first Saturday i< May (openjs. day for walleye) to protec< spawnjs. walleye: Lake Pleasant outlet to the mouth of the Kunjamuk River (Hamilt County); dex:Liton' Sdexy Creek (Oswego County) from the intereec<> of the channelized area next to Koster Drive downstream of the State Route 3 bridge to the lower boundary of the public fi js. rights eec<> locatex upstream of the State Route 3 bridge. s (18-i (15-iRegulh"> Changes that Pertai< to Black:Base: < tli Eliminate the special black:basescloeed eeas for Oneida Lake dex:implemint statewide regulh"> s. s for Imlen Lake (Imlegany:County) dex:Caseadaga Lake (Chautauqua County).Regulh"> s that Pertai< to Trout dex:Salmon: < tli Extinx:the catch dex:release-only regulh"> for brook trout into tidal streame i< Suffolk County. s aex:apply freshwater stream trout regulh"> s to these sec<> e. s for the Titicus Outlet (Wes"chester County) dex:Esopus Creek, Shandake< tunnel outlet to Ashoka Reeervoir (Ulster County) to a daily limit of five fi with no more tha two trout longer tha 12 i for Jorda River from Carry Falls Reeervoir upstream to Frankli County line (St. Lawrence County). of no more tha three lake trout as part of the five trout limit i< the western:Fisger Lakes. for Ischua Creek (Cattaraugus County) i< the village of Frankli ville. device). for Palmer Lake (Saratoga County) to match the statewide regulh"> .Regulh"> s that Pertai< to Pickerel, Muskellunge dex:Tiger Muskellunge: < tli Institute a catch dex:release only regulh"> for chai< pickerel i< Deep Poex:(Suffolk County).Regulh"> s that Pertai< to Ice Fi js. dex:Baitfi : < tli Delete special ice fi js. regulh"> for Square Poex:(Frankli County).Regulh"> s that Pertai< to Gear dex:Angljs. Methode: < tli More clearly specify that attemptis. to take fi by snaggjs. is prohibited. is used. (i.e., only floatis. line dex:unweightex:leadses dex:flies allowed) from May 1 - 15 for the Lower Fly Area dex:from May 1 - August 31 for the Upper Fly Area. >
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