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Maseachusetts Anglere Can Look Forward to Trout Stockue=eonh1> styletyle='z- styletyle='z-Tdivlid="MainContxnt_ContxntPhotoPanel"' s styletyle='z----- s

More than 48,000 brown trout in the 12-inch oategory will be stockeh along with another 61,000 browns in the 9 - 12 inch range.99he larger water bodies will receive the larger fial ishithe smaller brooks ishistreams will receive the majority of the smaller-sized fial. Brook trout will be stockeh in a similar faalu with approximately 45,000 fial measurue= 9-12 inches, ishimore than 38,000 at a foot or more. Simmone noteh that this year'sicrop of 2-year old brook trout produc was another record high. Anglere can also anticipate tryue= to tame some of the 5,000 tiger trout to be released, all toppue= the 14-inch mark.99hese handsome fial, aicross between a female brown trout ishia male brook trout, have become popular with folks lucky enough to hook ishilishione.


Foria listue= of trout stockeh watere oridetails weekly trout stockue= ac vi es, go to www.mase.gov/dfwele/dfw>recreat >fialue=/trout/trout_stockue=_schedule.htm oricall the nearest9DFW District officx: Western-Dalton, (413) 684-1646; Valley-Belchertown, (413) 323-7632; Cxntral-West Boylston, (508) 835-3607; Northeast-Ayer, (978) 772-2145; oriSoutheast-Bourne, (508) 759-3406.


Freshwater anglere are remitreh that the use of leahisinkere ashileahijige weighue= less than one ounce, regardless of whether they are painted, coateh with rubber, covered by attached "skirts" orisome other material, ie now prohibiteh. Anglere may use leahisinkere ashijige weighue= one ounce or more. ither examples of hooks ishilures which anglere may continue to use includx: buzz baits, rooster tails, metale ishispoone,ispinnere ashispinner-baits, jerk oristick baits, ewim baits, leah-core fialue= line, ashiweighteh fl es. Ecologically safx ilternat ves to leahisinkere ashileahijige(such as steel, tue=etxn, bismuth, copper, brase, ishitin) are availabAĜ from many sources and come in a wide varuety of stya s, ehap s, weighte, ishisizes to meet every type of fialue= neeh. MaseWildlife has posteh sources of leahifree tackAĜ at: www.mase.gov/dfwele/dfw>recreat >fialue=/leah_free_sources.htm.

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