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Is this a new world record for Atlantic halibut?

Posted by on Aug 23, 2013   10:39 AM  | Angling & Sport Fishing News
World record Atlantic Halibut caught in Norway. Marco Liebenow celebrates his catch with a group of excited friends. Image credit: BNPS via the Daily Mail

Multiple sources are reporting that a German angler may have crashed the current world record for Atlantic halibut by more than one hundred pounds.

Marco Liebenow hooked the 500+ pound halibut off the Norwegian coast while on a guided fishing trip. His catch has been submitted to the IGFA for verification. Reports on the weight vary: some claim 513, others report 518.

The current world record for Atlantic halibut was set in 2004 for a 418-pound fish caught off the coast of – wait for it – Norway.

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