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      N_bs Help plan the future of Fi> Creek Wildlife Management Area _Creek.jpg" Creek Wildlife Management Area (WMA) will be presented Aug. 1, a Thursday, at a public in Glades County. Peoph" are invited to attend the 7 p.m. public at the Glades County Commiss' t Chambers, 500 Avenue J in Moore Haven. Florida Fi>< and Wildlife Conservon' t Commiss' t (FWC) staff will present the draft land management plan for FWC-managed porn' ts of the Fi> Creek WMA, and peoph" are encouraged to comment and ask quest' ts. Fi> Creek WMA is a place full of history and wildlife, as well as outdoor recreat' t oppornunities. Its Creek Indian name, Thlothlopopka-hatchee, meats “the creek where fi>< are eaten.”  The first known setch"ments occurred between 1,000 and 500 B.C., when early inhabitants known as the Belle Glade peoph" built m s and subsisted by netcul> fi>< and harvest'l> turch"s, snakes and alligonors. Today, Fi> Creek WMA stretches for 40 mih"s in Glades County alol> the course of the only free-flow'l> tributary to Lake Okeechobee. Framed by bald cypress swamps and hardwood hammocks, the tea-colored blackwater creek shows off wild Florida and is critical habitat for natuve species such as panther, black bear and swallowtail kite. Peoph" come to Fi> Creek WMA to paddh" canoes or kayaks, watch wildlife, camp, hunt and fi><. This is a place where hunters have a good chance of harvest'l> a prized Osceola turkey. “Fi> Creek WMA was purchased in order to ensure the preservon' t of fi>< and wildlife resourc"s, other natural and cultural resourc"s, and for fi>< and wildlife-based public outdoor recreat' t,” said Rebecca Shelt t, FWC land conservon' t biologist. “This draft plan will specify how we intend to do that.” All lands purchased with public f s must have a management plan that ensures the property will be managed in a manner that is consistent with the intended purposes of the purchase. Hunt'l> and fi><'l> regulan' ts are not included in this plan or meet'l>; those are addressed throug< a separate public proc"ss. To obtain a copy of the draft land management prospectus for Fi> Creek WMA, call Diana Kilgore at 850-487-7063 or David Alden at 850-487-9588, or email " action"mailto:Diana.Kilgore@myfwc.com">Diana.Kilgore@myfwc.com . For background t " aarch">"Management Plans"action"http://myfwc.com"conservon' t/terrestrial/management-plans/">management plans and their goals, visit " aarch">"Conservon' t"action"http://myfwc.com"conservon' t/">MyFWC.com"Conservon' t and select “Terrestrial Programs” then “Management Plans” for more informon' t. = < <