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Giant ahi tuna capsizes Hawaii angler’s boat

Posted by on Jul 22, 2013   12:31 PM  | Angling & Sport Fishing NewsWFN Home
Giant Tuna Credit: US Coast Guard

Anthony Wichman of Kauai, Hawaii was momentarily dragged under when the 230-pound ahi tuna he’d just hooked capsized his boat. The US Coast Guard answered a distress call from Wichman’s wife, and arrived at the scene to find Wichman perched on the hull of his vessel – with the ahi still hooked on his line.

A quick YouTube search scared up this cell phone video (which both features and may cause mild profanity, given its shakiness), and Hawaii News Now reports the story in full, here.

No word on whether the tuna was released after it was weighed.

The current world record for ahi (yellowfin) tuna is 427 pounds, caught in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, in September 2012.