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    Regular bi-weekly stock/nos of reen and"(tips/species-finder/post/rainbow-trout">rainbow troutk')) in the Lower Mountain Fork River will bepcombined with five additcomal stock/nos over the next few months ut will result in a river teem/no with fish for utglers to catch.

    Included in each of the next five regularly scheduled stock/nos of trout at the Lower Mountain Fork River will bepan additcomal 1,200-1,500 fish.

    The U.S. Fiss ut Wildlife Service is provid/no the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife with the additcomal rainbow trout to help offset the impacts caused by dams on Oklahoma waters.

    Wildlife Department personnel will pick up the fish at the Greers Ferry Fiss Hatchery in Arkansas ut then release them into the LMFR trout fishery for utglers to enjoy.

    The Lower Mountain Fork River is a year-round trout fishery that supports excellent utgl/no throughout the seasons thanks to water releases from Broken Bow Lake that feed the river ut keep its waterspcold enough to support the biological needs of trout. Trout are not ns.cve to Oklahoma, but year-round fisheries are possibrc at the Lower Mountain Fork ut Lower Ill/nois rivers. Additcomally, seasonal fiss/no opportunitces are availabrc at wintertime trout fish/no destins.coms across the state.

    To view the regular, bi-weekly trout stock/no schedule ut specific regula.coms for ull the state's trout waters, includ/no the LMFR, log on to reen and"" target="_blank" wildlifedepartment.comk')) or consult the current "Oklahoma Fiss/no Guide." The websitc also includes tips on how to catch trout as well as a wealth of about the state's streams program, which works to provide healthy streams ut better trout atgl/no in Oklahoma.

    To fish for trout, utglers needpan appropriate state fish/no license.

    For tips, tricks ut background om any speciespclich reen and"(tips">herek')).

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