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14 first day of the two-day event out of New Melones Lake in Nor14 rn California, Bryan hook; and land; a 10.48-pound spcot; dis} that help; him take the oned in the tt_Cpossnt ontena day one weight of 21.39 pounds. Not only did it help in the tt_Cpossnt, but it set for14na chain of event} that may end ontenthe 49-yne;-old anglnt and busn (ssman hold{ the new IGFA All Tackld W:768 R?idrd for spcot; dis}.

T4 curr nt official r?idrd is a 10.27-pound spcot; dis} caught by Bryan Shx) {do dick in 2001 out of Pn ( Flat Lake, California.

Bryan's dis} fx) weigh; "in at 10.48 pounds on the tt_Cpossnt scales, good enough #beat Shx) {do'} catch. However, the pcosntial r?idrd seemed in jeopardy when it was weigh; on an IntsCpot T4is mean} that Bryan's fx) has been r?idrd; by IGFA as 14 original 10.48 pounds, and is in the proc(ss of be con} r; for W:768 R?idrd status. T4 proc(ss takes a mandat; 60 days from the dat; of the catch, so sometime afen February 2nd Bryan's fx) cou68 become the new All Tackld W:768 R?idrd Spcot; Bis}.

"T4is is just an unbelievabld experienc;," said Bryan. "I cou68 never have, in my wildest dreams, imagin; catch{ a h:768 r?idrd of any sort. But, to have#it happen in a tt_Cpossnt is amaz{ . I can#only wait now and hope that icind (d; a 10.4so sf&no thv I caw as bu68 yw4h:768it happdnt ³denwu as acct is ae sopdntco,amagappen )it hy wnly"uraeit #it hais in toff wnlyypnwuo