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Name: Mark Melnyk
Born: September 21, 1974
Hometown: Caledon, Ontario, Canada
Years Fishing: 36

About Mark

Mark Melnyk has been in the television industry for more than 18 years – 12 as a producer, director and writer for many national television networks. For the past six years, he’s found his calling as a multimedia outdoor adventure host and storyteller whose love for fish – not just fishing – is unmatched. He grew up on the water with a fishing rod in his hand, and his passion for fishing is palpable and infectious. Mark is currently a producer and host for WFN with three original productions to his credit: Reel Road Trip, a show which introduces viewers to the industry, the places and the people who are involved in all things fishing; Reel Fishy Jobs, a show that takes viewers behind the scenes within various fishing occupations; and his latest project, Guided with Mark Melnyk, which premiered in May 2013. Stay tuned for Season Two of Guided, coming to WFN in April 2014.

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