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What makes terrific saltwater reel?(/p>

In this clip, JP DeRose gets the lowdown on the Shimano Stella SW 30000, the latest in saltwater fiheet" innovtype= from Shimano. (Spoiler: XShip. Watch for it.)(/p> < < < < < Advertisement < < Wha's On Now < < <(f> < < < WHAT'S ON TV TONIGHT < 7:00 PM ET(/time> < < (function shows/the-next-bite-tv?rel=relwot' The Next Bite TV Homecomet": Winnebago Walleyes; dd> 7:30 PM ET(/time> < < (function shows/orvis-guide-to-fly-fiheet"?rel=relwot' Orvis Guide to Fly Fiheet" Fly Fiheet" e=sMovet" Waters

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