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Tennessee Amends Umbrella Rig Restrictions

Posted by on Oct 27, 2011   12:00 AM  | Angling & Sport Fishing NewsGear

  The Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency has amended the regulations that were in place concerning the use of an umbrella rig. In response to the growing popularity of the “Alabama Rig” that has became so popular, the state will now allow up to five lures with only three lures with hooks to be thrown on a “castable” Alabama Rig with three hooks of any size for bass fishing. The original Tennessee fishing regulation contained an exception for Umbrella rigs that stated the following:     

Tennessee Umbrella Rig Restriction – “Umbrella rigs are defined as an array of more than 3 artificial lures or baits (with or without hooks) used by a single rod and reel combination.  If the hook size is 6 or larger, then only one lure or bait may have a hook and that hook must be a single hook”.      

 Since the appearance of the Alabama Rig at Lake Guntersville recently, many anglers are demanding these new rigs, and in response to the media spotlight, the TWRA held a meeting to talk about the use of the “castable umbrella rig.” The committee agreed that three baits with hooks of any size on a rig like this would be allowable in Tennessee waters. There was no restriction in place Kentucky waters. Anglers can now legally fish a castable rig with up to five swim baits in Tennessee waters with three of them with any size hook. The manufacture folks making the Alabama Rig must be very busy this week. 

 The picture above, (bass master article by Ken Duke) would not be legal in Tennessee.  As I write this I can not finish without stating how I feel as an angler. It is my obligation to be a voice of reason concerning the outdoors, and fishing. My personal opinion for umbrella rigging takes some of the sport away from fishing. I have in the fall witnessed three smallmouth fighting for a lure, and to give a faux bait school during the migration period as bass are schooling as a presentation to me lacks sportsmanship. A s a competition one bass at a time should be enough, a hungry man feeding his family should be the exception. But that is only one anglers opinion.     

Happy Fishing!