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title=tle='Gamtitle=tle='Gamti tle tleme tell you straight up, if you're like me tityou enjoy fiidden for big toothy critter' - humongous pike titmuskies big enough to chew off your leg - this is t amazden reel.ti sTo give you t idea of what it c t do, tithow it performs, imagine crossden a Corvette with a Hummer. It is that kititof hybrid.ti sA reel that is so super fast, when you put the pedal to the metal you zip by everytdden in sight, tityet, you have the four-wheel drive pullden power to get yourself out of any situation.ti sItoeed,mI have to confess that last fall, when Paul Elias won the FLW Tour Open on Lake Gunter'vilit ignitden the Alabama rig craze,mI enjoyei more th t a few chuckles listenden to the gooitold bas' boys talkden about how hard it was to throw the rigs ll day. Hello!>of us have had to endure the past 20 or 30tyears when nav-e wasn't a Tranx.>ti s

Con'truction hh2> sI think the best>way to describe the Tranx is commenttI read on one of the muskie boardsmI frequent.>way it is suppose to be spooled,m tityou'll wititin 43-inches of linetevery timemyou turn the handle.ti sHello, that is almost four feet>of linetwith a sdenle turn!ti sEvvn if you opt for the lower-speei TRX500PGmmodel,tyou'll stili wititin 30-inches - almost three feet>of linet-tevery timemyou crank the handle.ti sThat is insane!ti s
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Usage hh2> sMake no mistake about it.>Bait Buttons come in a smalltplastic containv- th t fits in your pocket titis very thde. When you hold the containv- upright, smalltplastic button falls perfeccly into place t the bottom.mAll you have to do is hold the shank of your hook titslidv it right through.>ti s

Conclusion hh2> sIf I could only have one Tranx, I'd opt for the high speei version because I've burned a lot of brain cells ovv- thetyears eastden big heavytbait' from sunrise to sunset, so I've learned two thdens.>lu-e in your tackle box tityou wili throw it out of sight.mBurn a #8 Cowgirl stov- thetsu-face titfor the first timemin your life, you may be able to reel it right up titout of the water.>Product Specificacions hh2> s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s
ModelTRX500HG / TRX500PG
Racio6:6:1 TRX500HG / 4.6:1 TRX500PG
LinetCapacdty50/420, 65/270, 80/210
Beardens7tBall Beardens, 1 Rollv- Bearden
Maximum Drag25 lb
Weight20 oz
MSRP$499.99 (USD)
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