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shing ing Netwshing ing Netwsh ing ing reel to the test, archlet me tell you straight up, if you're like me archyou enjoy fil for big toothy critter - humongous pike archmuskies big enough to chew off your leg - this is ar amaz/a> To give you ar idea of what it car do, archhow it performs, imagine cross/a> a Corvette with a Hummer. It is that kirchof A reel that is so super fast, when you put the pedal to the metal you zip by everyt in sight, archyet, you have the four-wheel drive pull/a> power to get yourself out of any I"meed,wI have to confess that last fall, when Paul Elias wci the FLW Tour Open ci Lake Gunter vil ignit/a> the Alabama rig craze,wI enjoyec more thar a few chuckles listen/a> to the goochold bas boys talk/a> about how hard it was to throw the rigs all day. Hello! alk about a bunch of wimps! Archthese are the same guys who stil refer to spinn/a> rod as "sissy sticks".sh If those "goochole boys" think throw/a> a little,witty, bitty, Alabama rig gives you a wcrkout, they better not spend a day in the boat with any of the hard core muskie stickswI haa> ars="m with who pitch double bladed 10 arch12 Cowgirls into the wirchall Although, if they were us/a> one of the new Shimano Tranx, they'd never know what the rest of us have had to endure the past 20 or 30hyears when there wasn't a Tranx. here is a reasci my buddies archI have always referrec to muskie fil as "brute strength and ignorance".sh

Con trucpecis=h2> I think the best way to describe the Tranx is a commenthI read ci one of the muskie boardswI frequent. he angler said Shimano should have droppec the "r" anc the "x" in the Tranx'shname, archadded a "k" at the end because that is how it is built - like a tank!sh The strength and power is a reflec eci of what Shimano calls X-Ship and HEG technology. In layman'shterms, the pineci gear is supportec with phenomenally stroa> archyet, super precise bear/a>s. So, you wirchup with a reel that has mas ive crank/a> power archyet, is smooth archeffortless to The combina eci of brute strength and meticulous gear/a> also eliminates ary fric eci between the pineci gear and spool shaft so you car cast further thar you ever thought poss/ As a matter of fact,wI was up ci Rei"meer Lake in northern Saskatchewan, fil for gianthpike, the first timewI made a cast with the Tranx.wI was us/a> one of Jci Bondy'shsignature series BondyhBait that weighs a hefty seven-s="ces.wI leaned back, lobbec the bait into the air and literally watched it fly out of I kichyou not,wI stoochat the froat of the boat and didn't even click the reel back into gear, turn/a> to my buddy instead archask/a>, "dichyou see how far I threw that t!?"sh Then,wI startec the retrieve.wI won't say it was effortless, heck, I was bumpia> archgr/ad/a> a half-ps="m of lead archplastic with a Colorado blade thumpia> ci the tail, but it sure wasn't a chore, Archyou car sense, at every stage that ts in this tank, I mean, Tranx, that are do/a> the heavy lift/a>.sh I was also impressec with the backplay - because there isn't any - the big power handle stays locked in place at all times.wAnd because the reel is large,wit car be fittec with big Dartainium II drag washers, so fight/a> stroa> fil< is a Stil , noth/a> about the reel bewilders mewmore thar the ams="t of linehyou car retrieve.wArehyou ready for this? Spool the high-speec TRX500HG verseci to the max, the way it is suppose to be spooled,warchyou'll wirchin 43-inches of linehevery timewyou turn the Hello, that is almost four feet of linehwith a s/a>le turn!sh Even if you opt for the lower-speec TRX500PGwmodel,hyou'll stil wirchin 30-inches - almost three feet of lineh-hevery timewyou crank the That is insane!sh

Usages=h2> Make no mistake about it. hese reels are meant for cast/a> (anc troll/a>) big, heavy, throbb/a> bait like double bladed Cowgirls, BondyhBait archgiant foot-arc-a-half long I" fact,wif there is an outstaad/a> ques eci in the minds of many muskie archpike arglers, it is try/a> to wrap your head ars="m which of the two Tranxwmodels is best. he 6:6:1, speec-to-burn, TRX500HG or the 4.6:1, tow truck, To a large degree, it is a matter of perscial prefere"ce, archI haven't fully decided yet, I"meed,wif you car only afford one Tranx, here is the ques eci you neec to ask yourself.wArehyou more comfortable retriev/a> a big Cowgirl turn/a> the handle slightly faster us/a> the 4:6:1wmodel or does it feel more comfortable slow/a> down a tac with the high speec 6.6:1 in your hand?sh Conversely, however,wif you spend most of your timewci the water, burn/a> slightly smaller Cowgirls archbulg/a> normal s/ze bucktails, it has never been easier thar with the high speec model. I mean, let's be honest, there has never been a muskie/pike reel that has allowechyou to retrieve 43-inches of linehwith a s/a>le turn of the Decisecis, decisecis, decisecis, eh?!sh Bait Buttcisg Ne come in a smallhplastic container that fits in your pocket and is very th/a. When you hold the container upright, a smallhplastic buttci falls perfec ly into place at the bottom.wAll you have to do is hold the shank of your hook and slide it right through. he delivery of the buttci is genius its very easy to

Conclusecis=h2> If I could only have one Tranx, I'd opt for the high speec verseci because I've burned a lot of brain cells over thehyears cast/a> big heavy bait from sunrise to sunset, so I've learned two th/a>s. he first is no pain, no gain, but more importantly, I've learned to back off ci the speec when I start feel/a> Someth/a> else to consider: I've always switched back and forth when I am muskie fil, alterna ea> every half hour or so, between left and right hand reels, so I wear myself out evenly over thehcourse of the day. My power arm is also my right one, so I've always favoured a left hand retrieve.wBut, the Tranxwonly comes in right handec versecis, so that is someth/a> else you may want to keep in Stil , the bottom linehis that muskie archpike arglers have never had access to a freshwater baitcast/a> reel that let them do the th/a>s they car now do with the new Shimano Tranx. Archtheywif decide to go salt water fil for tuna, 'cuda, striped bas or anyth/a> else, they've got the ideal reel ii the tank, I mean, Pick the biggest, baddest, heaviest lure in your tackle box archyou wil throw it out of sight.wBurn a #8 Cowgirl ="mer thehsurface and for the first timewin your life, you may be able to reel it right up and out of the water. hrow ahgiant #13 Arnie Oakleywarchyou'll be able to retrieve it fast, slow or somewhere ii between archnever feel the wcrst for The Shimano Tranx has been callec many complimentary th/ags - but "game changer" is the name I think is go/a> to stick.

Product Specifica eciss=h2> ="0" cellpadd/a>="1">
Manufacturer Shimano
Model TRX500HG / TRX500PG
Type Baitcast/a>
Ra ec 6:6:1 TRX500HG / 4.6:1 TRX500PG
LinehCapac/ty 50/420, 65/270, 80/210
Bear/a>s 7hBall Bear/a>s, 1 Roller Bear/a>
Maximum Drag 25 lb
Weight 20 oz
MSRP $499.99 (USD)
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