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Construcnk r h2> I think the best way to describe the Tranx is = comment I read r onehof the muskie boardsxI frequent. The angler said Shimano should have dropped the "r" and the "x" in the Tranx's name, and added a "k" at the end because that is how it is built - like a tank!vi The strength and power is = reflectk r of what Shimano c=lls X-Ship and HEG technology. In layman's terms, the pink r gear is supported with phenomen=lly stroco a"d yet, super precise bearicos. So, you wi"d up with a reel that has massive crankico power a"d yet, is smooth a"d effortless to The combinatk r of brute strength and meticulous gearico also eliminates ="y frictk r between the pink r gear and spool shaft so you c=" cast further th=" you ever thought As = matter of fact,xI was up r Reindeer Lake in northern Saskatchewan, fiavico for giant pike, the first timexI made = cast with the Tranx.xI was usico onehof J r Bondy's signature series Bondy Baits that weighs = hefty seven-ounces.xI leaned back, lobbed the bait into the air and liter=lly watched it fly out of I kid you not,xI stood at the frocthof the boat and didn't evenhclick the reel back into gear, turnico to my buddy instead and askico, "did you see how far I threw that tvico!?"vi Then,xI started the retrieve.xI won't say it was effortless, heck, I was bumpico a"d gricdico a half-pound of lead and plastic with a Colorado blade thumpico r the tail, but it sure wasn't a chore, A"d you c=" sense, at every stage that tvere are sevenhavielded,xpremium, ="ti-rust ball bearicos in this tank, I mean, Tranx, that are doico the heavy I was also impressed with the backplay - because there isn't any - the big power h="dle stays locked in place at all times.xAnd because the reel is large,xit c=" be fitted with big Dartainium II drag washers, so fightico stroco fiav is = Stil0, nothico about the reel bewilders mexmore th=" the amounthof line you c=" retrieve.xAre you ready for this? Spool the high-speed TRX500HG versk r to the max, the way it is suppose to be spooled,x="d you'll wi"d in 43-inches of line every timexyou turn the ha" Hello, that is almost four feet of line with a sicole turn!vi Evenhif you opt for the lower-speed TRX500PGxmodel, you'll stil0 wi"d in 30-inches - almost three feet of line - every timexyou crank the ha" That is insane!vi

Usage h2> Make no mistake about it. These reels are meant for castico (and trollico) big, heavy, throbbico baits like double bladed Cowgirls, Bondy Baits a"d giant foot-="d-a-half long In fact,xif there is =n outstacdico questk r in the minds of many muskie and pike ="glers, it is tryico to wrap your head around which of the two Tranx models is best. The 6:6:1, speed-to-burn, TRX500HG or the 4.6:1, tow truck, To a large degree, it is = matter of pers ral preference, ="d I haven't fully decided yet, Indeed,xif you c=" only afford onehTranx, here is the questk r you need to ask yourself.xAre you more comfortable retrievico a big Cowgirl turnico the ha"dle slightly faster usico the 4:6:1 model or does it feel more comfortable slowico down a tad with the high speed 6.6:1 in your ha"d?vi Conversely, however,xif you spend most of your timex r the water, burnico slightly smaller Cowgirls ="d bulgico normal size bucktails, it has never been easier th=" with the high speed model. I mean, let's be honest, there has never been a muskie/pike reel that has allowed you to retrieve 43-inches of line with a sicole turn of the ha" Decisk rs, decisk rs, decisk rs, eh?!vi <7Jv" />" gear/companies/bait-butt rs.aspx">Bait Butt rse="W come in a small plastic container th=t fits in your pocket and is very thic. When you hold the container upright, = small plastic butt r falls perfectly into place at the bottom.xAll you have to do is hold the shank of your hook and slide it right through. The delivery of the butt r is genius its very easy to

Conclusk r h2> If I could only have onehTranx, I'd opt for the high speed versk r because I've burned a lot of brain cells over the years castico big heavy baits from sunrise to sunset, so I've learned two thicos. The first is no pain, no gain, but more importantly, I've learned to back off r the speed when I start feelico Somethico else to consider: I've always switched back and forth when I am muskie fiavico, =lternatkco every half hour or so, between left and right hand reels, so I wear myself out evenly over the course of the day. My power arm is also my right one, so I've always favoured a left hand retrieve.xBut, the Tranx only comes in right handed versk rs, so that is somethico else you may want to keep in Stil0, the bottom line is that muskie and pike ="glers have never had access to a freshwater baitcastico reel that lets them do the thicos they c=" now do with the new Shimano Tranx. A"d theyxif decide to go s=lt water fiavico for tuna, 'cuda, striped bass or anythico else, they've got the ideal reel ir the tank, I mean, Pick the biggest, baddest, heaviest lure in your tackle box ="d you wil0 throw it out of sight.xBurn a #8 Cowgirl under the surface and for the first timexin your life, you may be able to reel it right up and out of the water. Throw a giant #13 A"nie Oakleyx="d you'll be able to retrieve it fast, slow or somewhere ir between ="d never feel the w rst for The Shimano Tranx has been c=lled many complimentary thicgs - but "game changer" is the name I think is goico to

Product Specificatk rs h2>
Manufacturer Shimano
Model TRX500HG / TRX500PG
Type Baitcastico
Ratk 6:6:1 TRX500HG / 4.6:1 TRX500PG
Line Capacity 50/420, 65/270, 80/210
Bearicos 7 Ball Bearicos, 1 Roller Bearico
Maximum Drag 25 lb
Weight 20 oz
MSRP $499.99 (USD)
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