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Bait Saver Hooks

Posted by on Oct 1, 2012   12:00 AM  | Gear
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One of the biggest problems facing an angler who uses live or frozen bait is trying to keep the bait on the hook. This is where the Bait Saver Hook comes into play. It has a unique wire attachment that will keep the liveliest bait, and those soft defrosted baits, on the hook so you can cast with confidence knowing your bait is not coming off.


Bait Saver Hooks are very sharp, heavy duty hooks that are ready for battle with the meanest fish. These are not light wire hooks that will straighten out or bend while you are fighting a fish. What makes these hooks unique is the Bait Saver Wire. The wire is crimped to the shank of the hook near the eye. The wire is shaped so it can slip onto the barb. There is also a Sliding Locking Band on the hook shank to lock the bait in place. After you put the bait on, put the Bait Saver Wire over the bait, and slide down the Sliding Locking Band, the bait is secured to the hook and you can safely send it to the bottom. Bait Saver Hooks are available in J and Circle hooks. They work great barbless as well.


The Bait Saver Hooks come in a variety of sizes in both J hook and Circle hook styles. They have sizes from a #8 J hook that will hold maggots and small bits of worm for trout or crappie, to a 5/0 Circle hook and a 6/0 J hook that will handle most saltwater and freshwater fish.


I tested the 5/0 Circle hook and the 6/0 J hook using clam bellies for striped bass. Both of the hooks were able to hold two or three clam bellies. When I hooked on the Bait Saver Wire and slid down the Sliding Locking Band I knew the bait wasn’t going to come off. When fishing with clam bellies, someone has to squeeze the clam bellies into the water by hand creating a chum slick while the other angler lets his baited hook drift out with the chum. The angler squeezing the bellies has to cast their bait into the chum slick. I was able to cast with confidence because none of the clam bellies came off the hook, and the bait fell to the bottom intact. The hooks were very strong and easily penetrated the jaw of striped bass. If you are looking to save money on bait, I strongly suggest that you look into Bait Saver Hooks. Nothing is going to stop the fish from picking at your bait, but Bait Saver Hooks will make sure you bait gets to the bottom without coming off the hook. Check them out at

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Product Specifications

Manufacturer Bait Saver Fish Hook Company
Product Line Bait Saver Hooks
Type J and Circle
Sizes Tested 5/0, 6/0
Number per Pack 2
MSRP $4.50 (USD)