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Funny Fishing Bloopers Caught On Tape

Posted by on Apr 11, 2011   12:00 AM
That truck has seen better days. That truck has seen better days.

Some of the funniest fishing bloopers and blunders on video!

A perfect fishing day means beautiful weather, lots of hungry fish, and getting back home safely. That’s the goal anyways, but fishing would get a little boring after a while if things went as smoothly as that every trip.

Here are some videos of a few anglers that aren’t having a perfect day, reminding us that for every awesome trip we go on, there’s always that one time you wish for a mulligan.

Funny man Dave Mercer, host of Facts of Fishing, is just as well known for his bass fishing abilities as his infectious laugh. But in this video, we get the last laugh when a simple fish catch turns sour. Good thing he was wearing those sunglasses!

Bill Dance’s videos have already made their rounds on the internet, setting the standard for fishing bloopers caught on tape. Though it may be questionable how authentic some of these blunders actually are, it’s funny enough that any possible staging is forgiven. The video above is a compilation of some of his best, but there’s more out there circling the web.

Another Facts of Fishing video, but unlike the drop shot rig, you get the feeling that something’s a little fishy with this “blooper.”

Here’s a short compilation video of some funny fishing accidents. One major theme: it’s sometimes hard standing on your own two feet.

This one is more of a lesson than anything else. We can get so caught up in wanting to get out on the water we sometimes forget the important things when launching the boat. But hey, it could have been worse, at least the entire truck didn’t get submerged under water.

The moral in all these videos is always be aware of what’s going on around you. While fishing blunders can be funny (at least after getting over the embarrassment), not all accidents end so innocently. Always put safety first!

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