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Is WFN available from my TV provider? If not, how do I get WFN on my TV?

If you live in Canada, WFN is available today across Canada. For a full list of Canadian WFN providers please click here.If your Canadian TV provider isn’t mentioned, please call them and ask them to carry WFN. Your calls will help show your TV provider that their customers want WFN.If you live in the US, WFN is also available today across the US from Verizon FiOS, DISH Network, Charter Communications and GVTC.

Click here to learn more on how to subscribe to WFN with these providers.

If your US TV provider isn’t mentioned, please call them and ask them to carry WFN. Your calls will help show your TV provider that their customers want WFN.

The TV Listings/Program Guide information is wrong – can you fix it?

We provide the information on our shows to a company that then provides this data to your TV provider. Occasionally one link in this chain will break and the incorrect information will appear on your Program Guide. The only way we know if this is happening is if our viewers let us know. Please email us to let us know your TV provider, and when the information was incorrect. We will contact the Data Provider and your TV provider within 1 business day to get the problem fixed. Thank you for letting us know.

Why doesn’t WFN show more specific genre Programming? (Fly Fishing, Carp Fishing, Saltwater, etc.)

We are always looking to add the best programming to WFN. We recognize that some genres receive more coverage than others, and we are constantly reviewing programs that could be a fit with WFN. Our goal is to provide our viewers with a balanced schedule that highlights all kinds of fishing and outdoors lifestyle programming.

I am looking for a specific fishing show that isn’t aired on WFN? Why don’t you air it?

There are a variety of reasons as to why some shows air on WFN and others do not. What you can be assured of is that WFN’s schedule represents the best fishing and outdoors programming available. We have talked with all of the major shows from around North America and in other parts of the world to bring you, what we feel, is the most comprehensive outdoors lineup on television.

Where can I submit an original programming idea?

For all original programming ideas, we require the submissions to adhere to the following procedures:

  1. Please download and sign the Idea Submission Policy forms.
  2. Any additional material, DVDs, photos should be included with the summary.
  3. All material will NOT be returned.
  4. WFN will only contact you if we wish to discuss your idea further with you.
  5. Program submissions will NOT be considered unless the Idea Submission Policy forms are included in the package.

How can I submit my show for consideration for airing on WFN?

If you wish to submit a show that is already produced, please mail the following items to the address below:

  1. A one-sheet overview of your show
  2. Contact information or business card
  3. A DVD screener(s) of an episode(s) of your show
Attn: Programming Department
60 St Clair Ave. East, Suite 400
Toronto, ON  M4T 1N5

How can I submit my news or press release to WFN?

WFN is glad to consider the use of press releases and updates from various sources in the fishing industry. To submit your release for consideration for use online please send the release along with photos and a logo to digital@worldfishingnetwork.com

WFN receives a lot of press releases on a daily basis, and selects the ones that have relevant news and information for the most anglers. There is no guarantee that your press release will be used, but we will do our best to include all important news.

How do I get my tournament/event included in WFN’s online listing?

Please send the following items to digital@worldfishingnetwork.com:

  • Event/Tournament Logo
  • Event/Tournament Name
  • Description of Event/Tournament
  • Start Date
  • End Date
  • Start and End Time for Each Day
  • Location (Lake Name, Convention Center, Arena Name)
  • Address
  • Website

I am trying to find specific information I saw in one of your shows.

Contact us with the title of the show, the date and time you viewed it and we will forward your question on to the producer. They will contact you with the answer.

There is a technical problem on WFN. (Example: problems with volume)

We wish to make sure that all viewers receive a consistent and high quality experience with all of our broadcasts. If you encounter an on air technical problem, please contact us to let us know what the problem is, please indicate the specific date, time of day, show title and program material that was on air at that time. We will contact our technical team within 1 business day to get the problem fixed.

Why are infomercials shown on WFN?

In the competitive landscape of Network Television, advertising is one of our most important streams of revenue used to generate the content you enjoy. (The other is subscriber revenue via your cable, Telco or satellite provider). Our goal is to feature contextual advertising that is relevant to you – the viewer. As we continue to grow throughout North America we are pleased to tell you that you will see more relevant commercial advertisers and less and less Direct Response (1-800 numbers) and Paid Programming ads.

How can I advertise on WFN?

Please e-mail or call:

Keri Mahe | VP Sales and Sponsorship
World Fishing Network North America
720.873.5032 | kmahe@worldfishingnetwork.com