TrophyCatch Program


Welcome to TrophyCatch, which is specifically designed for anglers who catch and release largemouth bass greater than eight pounds. There are three different tiers that will be recognized: The Lunker Club (8.0-9.9 lbs), The Trophy Club (10.0-12.9 lbs) and The Hall-of-Fame Club (greater than 13 pounds).

Anglers will be encouraged to follow catch-and-release guidelines for these big bass  and to document the catch through a photograph of the entire bass on a scale with the weight clearly legible. Additional photos showing the length and girth of the fish on a bump board or ruler are encouraged. These fish can be documented online at at any time of the year, 24/7.

As TrophyCatch grows, it will provide rewards that encourage anglers to live-release trophy bass while at the same time assisting FWC with documenting trophy bass catches. This documentation of when and where trophy bass are produced, will allow biologists to improve trophy-bass management through habitat enhancement, regulation management, stocking or other means that are proven to increase catch of trophy largemouth bass, while fostering a strong catch-and-release conservation ethic.

The TrophyCatch program also offers a unique opportunity to create public/private partnerships where the common goals are to protect trophy bass, promote fishing and support conservation programs. In the long run, it will rely heavily on private support, partnerships, and sponsorships, and is expected to evolve and grow in the coming years.

TrophyCatch is considered as the hallmark of the Long-Term Black Bass Management Plan that was created through an interactive process with anglers, researchers, tourism and outdoor communication professionals and fishing-related business representatives. Ultimately the goal of the plan, including TrophyCatch as one component, is to ensure Florida is the undisputed Bass Fishing Capital of the World.

Excitement generated by angler recognition programs will also increase fishing participation among Florida's youth and families and attract more anglers to Florida while promoting strong conservation messaging. Among the most important outcomes will be to increase public awareness and commitment to protect our fisheries and their habitats.

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