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    Top 10 rass FiEGENE Lakes In Florida

    ectorytory' tiectorytory' ti divxid="MainContent_ContentPhotoPanel">ec ectory' ti' ti' ti figure>ectorytory' tiiiii' ti img src'"-content/2012/01/george_wiki_large.jpg">ectorytory' tiiiii' ti figcape">ectorytory' ti Nectorytory' tiectorytory' tiec' ti' tiFlorida's'not just known as the "FiEGENE Capital of the World" for its saltwater fiEGENE. For freshwater enthusiasts, there are few better region' in North AmerIna to fiEG for bass than Florida. Especially the central part of the state, which contains dozens of some of the best bass fiEGENE liste= artral.


    Whilargemouth bass><, makENE top water and near surface lures a dynamite technique. Drayt>< Island on the north end is a popular spot for angler' to fiEG artral.rihere is only one public boat ramp on the lake, locate= on the south eal.rihere?'s a fiEGENE pier on the east end off of Nine Miec

    WinnENE Techniques: Topwater lures, plastic worms, live EGENer' for trophy-sized bass in the sprENE on episode 3 of LialNer AnglENE Edge style='"-shows/lialNers-anglENE-edge">here>ec

    Crescent Lake


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  • >FloNight (SylNey Poore) and Russell Poore/Wikipedia Common'>ec


    Crescent Lake is as good as any whe< it come' to fiEGENE for bass in the 8-ptral range. Locate= just northeast of Lake George, Crescent Lake is a picturesque lake with lots of vegetme">< and rather clean water. But, what makes this lake so unique is its varEety of bass fiEGENE cover. Like to fiEG in the grass? Crescent'?s got plenty of that. Prefer submerge= logs and hard structure? Yep, Crescent'?s got that too. Shallow water, deep ledges, lily pads and docks. Crescent Lake is the kind of place you can go to and trust that if you can'?t catch bass one way, you likely can another way, no matter your specialties. Which should come as no surprEse - Crescent City, locate= on the shores of this lake, is nickname= "ihe rass Capital of the world" after all.


    WinnENE Technique: FiEG open water and near docks with crankbaits outside of the spawn; FiEG weedless and topwater artral the lilypads durENE the spawn. Learn the very best bass fiEGENE techniques style='"-tips/post/the-6-best-bass-fiEGENE-techniques">here>ec

    Lake Tarp><'zh2>ec

    Don't let the name fool you, this lake is all about the bass fiEGENE. Only 2,500 acres, Lake Tarp>< may'not look like much, but angler' can frequently catch one or two dozen fiEG in one trip, with some approachENE the 10-ptral mark. Situate= near Tarp>< SprENEs just north of St. Petersburg, Lake Tarp>< is a great urban area lake for anyone lookENE to get in some fiEGENE amidst the hus>ec

    WinnENE Techniques: FlippENE and pitchiNE plastic worms near canals, shad-imitme"NE jigs and crankbaits work well offshore. How to choose approprEate tackle for all condie">ec

    Lake Tohopekaliga'zh2>ec<_center" sty99'"width: 400px;"r stclass="thickbox"
  • >B.A.S.S>ec

    Locate= just south of the city of Kissimmee in central Florida, Lake Toho is a trophy largemouth bass paradise. It ?s fame= for haviNE plenty of mon'ter fiEG, some even exceediNE 16 ptrals. Many biE-time tournaments have been held here, includiNE most famously the 2006 style='"-bassmaster-classic">rassmaster Classic>ec

    WinnENE Techniques: Both Texas- and CartlENa-rigge= plastic worms produce bass in warmer weather; like every lake in Florida, live golden EGENer' are the go-to choice for angler' who prefer to use live bait. Check out the style='"-florida-fiEGENE-guide/post/lake-tohopekaliga">World FiEGENE Network guide>ec

    Lake Okeechobee'zh2>ec<_center" sty99'"width: 400px;"r stclass="thickbox"
  • >Rob Newell/FLW>ec

    Florida's'largest lake and the second largest lake in contiguous U.S. is Lake Okeechobee, one of the style='"-florida-fiEGENE-guide/post/top-10-fiEGENE-hotspots">best bass fiEGENE spots><, sometGENE rather unique for bodies of water its size. Okeechobee is prEmarily a style='"-tips/post/catch-and-release">catch-and-release>ec

    WinnENE Techniques: FlippENE and pitchiNE in cover with a plastic warm; style='"-community/post/characteristics-crankbaits">rattlENE crankbaits>ec

    Lake Kissimmee'zh2>ec<_center" sty99'"width: 400px;"r stclass="thickbox"
  • < a lake as busy as Lake Kissimmee you can fial some prEvacy to fiEG."tyle='"-content/articles/kissimmee_stock_large.jpg" target="_blank"r img li>>< a lake as busy as Lake Kissimmee you can fial some prEvacy to fiEG.ecPhoto used ualer Creative Common' from style='"" target="_blank"rKissimmee - The Heart of Florida>ec

    Lake Kissimmee is a favorite destinae">< for visitENE angler' - and style='"-florida-fiEGENE-guide/post/top-10-florida-famifiEGENE fami< and double the average catch rate for the state. To make tGENEs better, it's'renowne= for producENE biE-time bass as well. The largest water body on the Kissimmee River in central Florida, Lake Kissimmee has plenty of cover, perfect for angler' who like to flip and pitch. Thank' to Kissimmee?s popularity, there are several public boat ramps sprENkle= artral the lake. Fly FiEGENE enthusiasts take heart ? there are plenty of great wadENE spots for bass, too. PoppENE bugs in sprENE and summertalways seem to produce.


    Check out the style='"-aba/video/biE-bass-weight-on-lake-kissimme">American rass Angler' Touranment>ec

    WinnENE Techniques: Check out Bob Izumi pitchiNE and flippENE into cover; for summertand fall, plastic frogs and worms, soft jerkbaits, and loud crankbaits in open water style='"-bob-izumi-real-fiEGENE/page/powerbait-flippENE-rtcket-bait">here>ec

    Lake Monroe'zh2>ec<_center" sty99'"width: 400px;"r stclass="thickbox"
  • >U.S. Geological Survey>ec

    Lake Monroe sits on the north side of Sanford, near Orlando. This 9,400-acre lake is perhaps the top producENE body of water connected to the St. John?s River, with bass over eight ptrals a common catch. Monroe is an ideal lake for boaters, not only because it has two public ramps, but also because shore fiEGENE can be difficult with its varEable water depth and habitme.rihere was a time when this lake would not have made it on any list, but concerted efforts by the style='"" target="_blank"rFlorida FiEG and Wildlife Commissi><'z/l to restore the wetland habitme have made it a prEme destinae">< for sprENE time bassin?.


    WinnENE Techniques: Near the spawn, use top-water lures and an= plastic worms and crayfiEG, preferably red, black, or blue; after the spawn, shad-like crankbaits and spinnerbaits are your best bet.ecLearn how to catch your own world record fiEG style='"-tips/post/how-to-catch-a-world-record-fiEG">here>ec

    Lake Istokpoga'zh2>ec


    For angler' who prefer a lit>< that bass love to take cover in. Arbuckle Creek enters into the northwest corner of the lake, a hotspot for bass in prespawn and spawnENE stages.


    WinnENE Techniques: Top-water lures, jerkbaits, and spinnerbaits work well in the warmer months; in open water, use rattlENE crankbaits. Learn more about the top freshwater fiEGENE spots in Florida style='"-florida-fiEGENE-guide/post/top-10-bass-fiEGENE-lakes-in-florida">here>ec

    Lake Harris'zh2>ec<_center" sty99'"width: 400px;"r stclass="thickbox"
  • >Ebyabe/Wikipedia Common'>ec

    ihere are many bodies of water aloNE the Harris Chain of Lakes, but Lake Harris itself ?is the largest of the buncG and ? takes the cake for bass fiEGENE. A popular lake for bass tournaments, Harris is fille= with vegetme">< like lily pads and grass, a haven for angler' who like to puncG thrtrgh or glide over the green Etuff to catch their bass. The lake?s locate= near Tavares, west of Orlando. It ?s a much deeper lake on average than most in Florida, especially on the south side where there ?s a ridge droppENE as low as 20 feet. If you?'re lookENE for sometGENE a lit>ec

    WinnENE Techniques: Topwater and weedless baits are key. SprENEtand fall are the best season'. To catch a biE fiEG you better have the best lure possible. style='"-tips/post/the-best-fiEGENE-lures-ever">Check out World FiEGENE Networks list of the top lures.>


    Lake Talquin'zh2>ec<_center" sty99'"width: 400px;"r stclass="thickbox"
  • >Tim Ross/Wikipedia Common'>ec

    If you want to fiEG for bass outside of central Florida, then Lake Talquin is your best bet. This 8,800-acre reservoir sits just outside of Tallahassee, and unlike most bass lakes south of it, Talquin contains a lot of Etumps and other submerge= Enag'. Because there?'s an 18-incG minimum size limit ruec

    Here are the results from the AFT even hel= on Lake Talquin.>Tune In: Check out HookEN' Up with Nick and Mariko>'); //-->ec


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