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Posted by on May 30, 2011   12:00 AM  | Fishing Tips & Techniques

     This Sail Cat fish weighed about 5 lbs, and 18 inches in length. I caught this Sail Cat between low to high tide. Time about 2:30pm, water smooth but not clear water,  very mirky green water do to the dredging at Stump Pass. The bait I was using was live pin fish about 3 to 4 inches in length, and we also got a Sail Cat on a 7/8oz. chartruse silver body GOT-CHA lure as well. The way I hook the bait is with a 3/0 hook, and what I do with the bait fish is I cut the top dorsal fin off, which makes me able to hook the bait any where I want (where the dorsal fin was), plus the fish is able to swallow the bait better. The pin fish are great to use as live bait. We where going for Shark  but did not get any at this time. To me, the Sail Cat fish always gets in the way when fishing for other type of fish such as Shark. The way to catch pin fish is with a sabiki rig. If you don’t get any thing with the rig itself, try putting shrimp or squid on the hooks, that will do the job, I guarantee it. SO GOOD LUCK AND HAPPY FISHING.