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    IGFA Confirms Sebileds World Record Largemouth Basn h1> odivCid="MainCont/nt_Cont/ntPhotoPanel"
    my heart was rac Fi," said Sebile. "I've had many recordn f='/this one means so much. Just the idea of the possibility that/this fild could be a record setter just made the erip awesome! I've had my eye on a basn record for so loFi, s Fcr I was a litntr kid actually, that/it made the moment ehat/much more enjoyable. Very few f=glers have been x: the Largemouth Basn world record list f='/I did not neriously expece/it." sSebileds gear list include' a 7-feet, 7-inch Berkley rod paire' with an Abu Garcia Revo Premier baitcast>reel spoole' with Stren xriginal 17-pli>< line. Sebile cre'its the effeceeveness of the lure to be filde' many different ways to his success that/day. sSebile said, "The Proppler Buzz is such a diverse bait. An f=gler can fild it weedless arli>< or x: top of heavy cover, in open water, x: the surfacr or 8-inches i>people can/thiFk of, f='/has held over 350 Int/rnndex:al Game Fild Associadex: (IGFA), European f='/French recordn. sHis last>milestone, his 700th
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