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Posted by on Jan 26, 2011   12:00 AM  | Fishing Tips & Techniques

FISH love got-cha lures. If you want to catch fish, this is the lure to use. I suggest you use two different lures. One lure is the 1 oz. Chartruse head with silver body with red treble hooks that will imitate a wounded fish. The other lure is a 7/8 oz. lure also chartruse head and silver body which i prefer to use in shallow water. Both of these lures are great to fish in both Bay and along the Shore. There are many fish that you can catch with these lures such as SNOOK, SPANISH MACKEREL, LADY FISH, YELLOW JACK, BLUE FISH, SPOTTED TROUT,  even CATFISH, along with some variety of smaller fish. The way to use these lures, is to make sharp jerks as you are reeling it in, and use 20 lbs. to 30lbs. test SEAGUAR FLUOROCARBON leader line, which should be enough, along with using 30lbs. test SUFIX braid as my main line. Note, when fishing for SPANISH MACKEREL, use wire leader line or higher test leader line because the fish have very sharp teeth. I like using these lures because you can use them all year round. SO GOOD LUCK AND HAPPY FISHING.