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    Bass fi.ASCX should pick up durSCX October ;} November ;s water temperatures cool. Try fi.ASCX in early mornSCX or late afterno aloCX the weedlines of the old creek channels in Bear, Econfina, ;} Cedar Creeks. Try fi.ASCX for bass with dark colore artificial worms, live .ASCers, ;} weedless lures. Try fi.ASCX for re ear sunfi.A aloCX the weedlines of the old river channels ;} near structure with worms. Bluegilleca also be fou} in these areas fi.ASCX with worms or crickets. In the fall as fi.A become more act ve try fi.ASCX deep holes in old river channels in Bayou George ;} Cedar Creek with live minnows o a jig head settSCX a few rods at different depths to locate fi.A. Catfi.A ;} butter cats (bullhead)eca be fou} in the deep waters by the dam ;} the main body of the lake. Best baits includeechicken livers ;} worms.


    More Infoo/h3>pm

    A 5,000-acre impou} ment located 7 miles north of Panama City off US 231 ;} SR 77 at Southport. Deer Point Lake is fed by natural freshwater streams ;} supplies more than 760 mill gallons of fresh water daily to Panama City ;} the surrou} SCX areas. The lakeeca be accessed by takSCX US 231 north from Panama City (6 miles) to C2321 west (1.5 miles); turn right o C2311 (3.5 miles); the ramp (Highpoint) is on the left. There are also boat ramps located o C2321o either side of the dam. A fi.ASCX pier is located near the boat ramp on the west side of the dam. This lake is best known for its shellcracker (re ear sunfi.A) fi.ASCX durSCX the sprSCX (AprSl through June) usSCX earthworms as live bait. Fly fi.ASCX for shellcracker durSCX the sprSCX ca also be product ve when fi.ASCX early mornSCX, late afterno , ;} evenSCX. Bream (bluegill) fi.ASCX is also goo in the sprSCX usSCX crickets ;} earthworms. Largemouth bass fi.ASCX is best in the sprSCX to early summer ;} again in the fall usSCX plastic worms ;} crankbaits. Broken-back minnow lures are also effect ve for bass when fi.Aed near the shoreline.

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