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Crazy Fish Costumes And Other Wacky Halloween Ideas

Posted by on Oct 21, 2014   9:00 AM
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Halloween is approaching and that means it’s time to dress up in an outrageous, scandalous, or funny costume. The goal for many is to top last year’’s costume with something even better, either dressing up as something really original or just rocking a classic costume better than anyone else out there. Whatever your reasons, have you ever considered bringing out the inner angler in you this Halloween? Whether fishing is your passion or not, break away from the clichéd vampire costumes and instead give some of these fishy ideas a try.

Dressing up as a fish

It’s one thing to say, “”I’’ll go as my favorite fish!”” and quite another to actually follow through. Like with any costume, the amount of work you put into it tends to result in a better costume. You could save a lot of time by buying a fish costume, but you run the risk of not looking the way you may have imagined it. To build your own costume, here are some things to consider.

  • Choose your fish: Before going out to get your material, settle on what kind of fish you want to be. Your favorite fish may be largemouth bass, but is it as fun a costume as an anglerfish, or even a catfish? Pick a costume you know will look good and have the time and means to make it on time.
  • How to build it: Play to your strengths. If you can sew, take advantage. Try out a body suit with a fish head and tail combination. If you can’t sew, use different fabrics with something like foam boards as your base to get the shape you need. If you’’re short on time, sometimes all it takes is a hat. Just wear the right color clothes for your fish and make the hat the main feature of your costume.
  • Try some makeup: If you’re really looking for the wow factor, a little bit of makeup can go a long way to making your costume look more authentic. It’s not for everyone, but hey, it’s Halloween!

Take the pet along

If you’d rather not dress up as a fish, then turn your pet into one! You can pretend you’re the angler and your pet is the catch. Hopefully your pet will look a little happier than the forlorn pug above. This can also be applied to your kids. If they want to dress up as a fish, you can be the angler and your kid “the catch.”

Dress as an Angler

halloweenWFN ambassador John Cochran

If you’re a little too shy to dress up, but don’t want to go anywhere without a costume, then why not compromise: go dressed up in your fishing clothes. It may not sound like that great a costume, but if you live somewhere where anglers are not that common, like in a big city, it can be a rare sight for some. Not everyone has seen someone dressed in waders, a fishing vest, hat, and all the accessories. Just remember that whatever you take out with you you’ll likely want to bring back, so it may not be such a good idea to overload on the accessories, as WFN Ambassador John Cochran so aptly demonstrates in the above photo.

You can take the angler role a little further by creating a wacky, scary, or just plain funny character to go along with it. Don’t just be yourself, try spicing things up with an accent, or pretend you’re a celebrity that normally wouldn’t go fishing. An angler zombie would also be an inspired choice. Just have fun with it!

Halloween Fishing Trips


Halloween doesn’t just have to be about trick-or-treating or house parties. Take out that rod-and-reel, grab a few buddies, and hit the water all dressed up. Ok, so it sounds a little silly, but that’s what this holiday’s all about, right? Just think of the photo possibilities! The group of guys above did just that, taking to the Gulf of Mexico for a tuna trip in Halloween masks. They got some great video and pictures for their fun looking trip. Click here for a video of their spooky tuna adventure.

Halloween Decorations


Who said jack-o-lanterns had to be a carving of some face? Be creative this Halloween and show your passion for fishing at your own home. The jack-o-lantern above looks great in the dark and is sure to grab some attention, if only because it’s not your typical carved pumpkin. From this you can put a fishing spin on other typical decorations. For example, take the tried-and-true fake dummy (stuffed with leaves) sitting on chair and have it holding a fishing rod and some makeshift piranha or little shark eating the dummy’s head.