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A Look Back At Roscoe, the 2011 Ultimate Fi"/img Tow=ieh1> js. js.src js. js.src pdivsid="MainContent_ContentPhotoPanel"r js. js.src js. js.src js. js.src js js

js. js.Ultimate Fi"/img Tow=iea> contest. =Sincesclaimimg the leWhat has Roscoe done with the money? "A large group from Roscoe ghrher arors' Mariko Izumi to celebrate their win.") { "http://files.worldfi"/imgnetwork.com/Imagec/uft/roscoe_group_shot_large.jpg"ularget="_blank"rpimg src "http://files.worldfi"/imgnetwork.com/Imagec/uft/roscoe_group_shot_400.jpg"ualt="uft" width="400" />s.id A large group from Roscoe ghrher arors' Mariko Izumi to celebrate their win.
$25,000 is a goodschunk of change, especially for a low= with only 600 residents. After winnimg the contest, Roscoe put together a committee lo determine the best way lo spes' their winnimgs. =the first projecs they oversaw was the buildimg of a bridge in Riverside Park. this public park runs alomgside Willowemoc River, which is famed for joinimg the Beaverkill River in what is widely know= as the ?Juncsef= Pool.? the bridge now makes it possib/a for anglers to walk from the park to the Juncsef= Pool to fi"/. Inspire' by lhis conctrucsef=, the low= has received grants to clear addisef=al river viewc and fi"/img access points. =

What'sANext for Roscoe?

Roscoe?s next big projecs with the remainimg money is the deployment of what they?re callimg their px) { "http://www.roscoeny.com/Dreamcast/is'ex.htm"ularget="_blank" rel="nofollow"rDreamCast Programs.id - an iniseateve designed to teach people the basics of fi"/img. the DreamCast Program is about instillimg the love of the outdoors into the youmg. Because the fi"/img economy is so vital to Roscoe, it is crucial to keep the passif= aleve for generatef=s to come. =the first DreamCast sessif=s will be held lhis summer, one weekes' a month from May lhrough to October. People that sign up will be matched with a guide hire' by lhe Chamber of Commerce. Students will not only be taught the basics of fi"/img, but also x) iss/sy of the area, the surrors'img natural landscape, and so much more. think your tow= is worthy of beimg the Ultimate Fi"/img Tow=? Prove it!s It takes a lot more tha= a wish for your tow= to win the Ultimate Fi"/img Tow= contest. Click here to find out just what it takes to win to the $25,000. s.id p/div> ph2>More Tha= Just A Check js js js js js js js js js js js js js js js src