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A Look Back At Roscoe, The 2011 Ultimate Fishing Town

Posted by on Apr 3, 2012   12:00 AM  | Angling & Sport Fishing News

Almost a year later, Roscoe, New York is still feeling the effects of winning the 2011 Ultimate Fishing Town contest.

Since claiming the title, the town has not only started to improve their community with the $25,000 prize winnings, but the local economy has received a boost as a result of all the attention they got with the contest.

Roscoe was already known as “Trout Town USA,” but when you throw in their new nickname, “Ultimate Fishing Town,” the community has really come into its own as world class trout fishing destination.

What has Roscoe done with the money?

A large group from Roscoe gather around Mariko Izumi to celebrate their win.

$25,000 is a good chunk of change, especially for a town with only 600 residents. After winning the contest, Roscoe put together a committee to determine the best way to spend their winnings.

The first project they oversaw was the building of a bridge in Riverside Park. This public park runs alongside Willowemoc River, which is famed for joining the Beaverkill River in what is widely known as the “Junction Pool.” The bridge now makes it possible for anglers to walk from the park to the Junction Pool to fish. Inspired by this construction, the town has received grants to clear additional river views and fishing access points.

What’s Next for Roscoe?

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Roscoe’s next big project with the remaining money is the deployment of what they’re calling their DreamCast Program – an initiative designed to teach people the basics of fishing. The DreamCast Program is about instilling the love of the outdoors into the young. Because the fishing economy is so vital to Roscoe, it is crucial to keep the passion alive for generations to come.

The first DreamCast sessions will be held this summer, one weekend a month from May through to October. People that sign up will be matched with a guide hired by the Chamber of Commerce. Students will not only be taught the basics of fishing, but also a history of the area, the surrounding natural landscape, and so much more.

More Than Just A Check

Since winning the contest last year, many businesses in Roscoe have seen more traffic as a result of all the publicity. Guides are booking more fishing trips than in prior years, and the Chamber of Commerce is receiving much more calls than normal from folks looking for information on the town.

Perhaps even more important than having your town’s name out there is how it is perceived on the inside. A contest like the Ultimate Fishing Town really helps bring a community together, because that’s what it takes to win: unity. Roscoe put everything it had into this contest, from putting up banners around town and spreading the word through social media, to advertising in papers and getting the media involved. It became a matter of pride, earned through the efforts of getting more votes. Even a power outage in the final days of the competition wasn’t enough – those with generators took in those who didn’t so people could keep voting on their laptops.

Their efforts paid off and the community is stronger because of it. Shortly after the win, Roscoe plastered the town with banners and had a huge parade to celebrate the victory. To keep up the spirit, a contest was held to determine the name of the fish that represents their winning of the contest. Ultimately, a 14-year-old named Everett Kunz provided the town’s new mascot, “Hatch.” A fitting name for Trout Town USA and the 2011 Ultimate Fishing Town.

Will your town win this year?

If you’re a little green with envy over Roscoe’s well-deserved win, don’t worry. The 2012 version of the Ultimate Fishing Town contest is on NOW! If it’s not already done, be sure to nominate your town so it can be eligible for the voting period in May. Support your town’s nomination with comments, photos, and videos explaining why your community deserves to get votes and win the Ultimate Fishing Town contest.