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Fishing Report and Tips – Fraser River Pink Salmon

Posted by on Sep 30, 2011   12:00 AM  | WFN Community

Managed to pop away from work early yesterday because I have a couple long days coming up. Hooked up the Obie at about 2PM and made it to the Mission boat launch by 3 PM. With the early sunset at 7PM didn’t leave a ton of time but I want to hit the Vedder mouth and get into some Pinks. I plan to do an all day trip and fish for Sturgeon Sunday… Pink bellies and Roe are great bait this time of year as the Sturgeon key in on what’s in the River. Nothing beats fresh bait !

The Mission in Mission was to do some Pink fishin !

We flew up the Fraser River to the Vedder mouth in about 20 minutes we saw a lot of boats so I was going to try trolling but there was way too much traffic so we picked a spot among the boats and anchored and started chucking gear. There’s a seam between the silty water of the Fraser and the cleaner water of the Vedder … we picked a spot in the clearer water. We could see the schools passing under and beside us … tons and tons of fish. 

First cast Fish On ! Lots of action but I was using my trout rods which at 7ft and with only 8lb line seemed a little under set up and we started losing fish and gear. I have to up my line set up … which I have since done. These spoons were the hot ticket.

Now before you go crazy when you see the barbs .. these are brand new out of the package … they haven’t been fished yet. I bought them to replace the gear we lost. They worked really well. Every second cast we were into a fish … while we had them !

Here’s a pick of a Humpy I caught on a pink jig after we lost the spoons ….

Here’s a nice doe my bud Jeremy caught … on the all pink spoon above …

Jeremy has become my new fishing partner … he has an extreme passion for the sport and is so appreciative of me getting him out. A true joy to fish with someone like this … a true joy to get a guy like this out … many more days like this to come Jere ..