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Fishing is the sport or activity of catching fish. Generally speaking – unless you are shooting fish in a barrel – the fish caught through fishing is done in the wild. There are many different types of techniques for fishing, which include angling, hand gathering, spearing, netting and trapping.

Fishing isn’t an exclusive term to fish caught; many other types of animals can be caught fishing, such as mollusks, cephalopods, crustaceans and echinoderms.

While fishing is done for food purposes, it is also a big sport.

Fun Fact:
All types of fishing create directly or indirectly roughly 500 million jobs worldwide.

Brief History Of Fishing

Are you wondering at what point did the man and the sea get together for fishing? Try about 40,000 years ago – roughly speaking. How do they know that? Well, when they analyzed whatever was left of the Tianyan man – the skeleton remains of a 40,000-year-old human from Eastern Asia – there were traces of freshwater fish. Furthermore, different ancient generations used to bury discarded fish bones and draw of fish in caves, which archaeologists have shown to provide more evidence.

Back in the day – or those days – fishing wasn’t a sport, it was all for purposes of food. The lifestyle was a hunting one, which meant that fishing was perfect for it, but fishing – and everything caught fishing – was a source of food.

Recreational & Sport Fishing

Recreational Fishing – or sport fishing – is fishing for pleasure or competition. In many cases, that covers both bases.

Sport fishing isn’t just sitting on a boat and waiting for a bite, though. There are many rules, restrictions, regulations and right practices. In some places, you can only catch-and-release a fish. In others, you can take everything home that you’ve caught fishing.

The most popular way to fish nowadays is done with a rod, reel, line, hooks and your choice of a number of different baits. What you use for bait typically determines what type of fish you are aiming to catch.

Angling is the practice of catching – or at least trying to catch – fish with a hook.

Big-Game Fishing

Once you become a good anlger and you want to play with the big boys, then you get yourself into big-game fishing. Typically, big-game fishing involves catching species such as tuna, sharks, marlin, tarpon, sailfish and mackerel, to name a few. The list goes on and on as there are plenty of fish in the sea – as they say.

Big-game fishing isn’t about what you’re going to fry on the pan tonight or how much you can sell the fish for; rather it is for the competition of catching the biggest and have the best time and/or form. Prizes are involved and the winners are rewarded. You’ll have to practice fishing daily to get to the point that you’re good enough to win these types of competitions.

When you catch one for the record books, that’s called a trophy fish.

Trophy Fish

Trophy fish are the ones that you will remember for the rest of your life. We’re not talking about the ones that you catch-and-release and never think of them again. When they coined the phrase “The Big Kahuna”, they were referring to these types of fish.

The first thing you have to do is make the catch but after you do that, make sure you measure it, take video and take pictures.

Take a look at the video below to get an idea of what some trophy fish look like:

Best Fishing Times

Knowing the best fishing times – or the peak fishing times – can really help you out. Think about it – if you’re going to the bar to meet new people and you go on Tuesday morning, you probably won’t meet as many people as if you went Saturday night.

Here are Four Tips You Need To Know About Best Fishing Times:

  1. Check The Temperature
    In this case, we aren’t only referring to the weather outside. Make sure you check the temperature of the water as well as a slight change on the barometer can drive fish to a certain spot. Fish are cold-blooded, which means they are very sensitive to temperatures. Fifty to sixty five degrees is considered ideal for fishing many of the main species.
  2. Check The Barometric Pressure
    Just as fish are sensitive to the temperature, they are also sensitive to the barometric pressure. When the weather changes, so does the barometric pressure. That’s why some old school fishers suggest that a great time to fish is right after a rain storm because the barometric front has just passed through and changed the pressures.
  3. Watch The Moon
    This isn’t horoscopes but it is important to check the moon for a different reason. Believe it or not, but the moon has a huge impact on feeding patterns for fish, so if you know the cycles, you can get the fish to bite your bait when they’re hungry. Fish are extremely active during new moon phases, so be ready then.
  4. Watch The Astral Calendar
    Nowadays, there are online resources for the best fishing times. Make sure you check out all of your local online resources for astral and moon calendars before you go out fishing to make sure that you’re out on the lake with some fish and not just by yourself.

The Best Fish Hot Spots

Now that you’re ready to fish and know the peak times, the million dollar question is where do you go?

Knowing the hot spots obviously has to do with where you are geographically located, so make sure you do some research on the bodies of water near you.

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a fishing hot spots GPS? Well, you’re dreams have come true. Your friends at Garmin have detailed lake information on hundreds of the most popular hot spots in North America.

Whether you use their device or your own research, make sure you know the lake depth, creek channels, boat lanes, bottom consistency, rock piles, access roads, hazards and seasonal catching strategies before you go.

Fishing Records

Type of Fish Weight of Fish Fish Caught By Location Date
African Pompano 50lbs 8oz Tom Sargent Daytona Beach, FL 21-Apr-90
Albacore 88lbs 2oz Siegfried Dickemann Gran Canaria, Canary Islands 19-Nov-77
Alligator Gar 279lbs Bill Valverde Rio Grande, TX 2-Dec-51
Atlantic Bigeye Tuna 392lbs 6oz Dieter Vogel Gran Canaria, Puerto Rico 25-Jul-97
Atlantic Blue Marlin 1402lbs 2oz Paulo R.A. Amorim Vitoria, Brazil 29-Feb-92
Atlantic Bonito 18lbs 4oz D. Gama Higgs Faial Island, Azores 8-Jul-53
Atlantic Cod 98lbs 12oz Alphonse Bielevich Isle of Shoals, NH 8-Jun-69
Atlantic Halibut 255lbs 4oz Sonny Manley Gloucester, MA 28-Jul-89
Atlantic Sailfish 141lbs 1oz Alfredo de Sousa Neves Luanda, Angola 19-Feb-94
Almaco (Pacific) Jack 132lbs Howard H. Hahn La Paz, Baja Calif., Mexico 21-Jul-64
American Eel 9lbs 4oz Jeff Pennick Cape May, NJ 9-Nov-95
American Shad 11lbs 4oz Bob Thibodo Conn. River, S. Hadley, MA 19-May-86
Apache Trout 5lbs 3oz John Baldwin White Mountain, AZ 29-May-91
Arctic Char 32lbs 9oz Jeffery Ward Tree River, Canada 30-Jul-81
Arctic Grayling 5lbs 15oz Jeanne P. Branson Katseyedie River, N.W.T. 16-Aug-67
Atlantic Salmon 79lbs 2oz Henrik Henriksen Tana River, Norway 1928
Barramundi 63lbs 2oz Scott Barnsley Queensland, Australia 28-Apr-91
Barred Sand Bass 13lbs 3oz Robert Halal Huntington Beach, CA 29-Aug-88
Bigeye Thresher Shark 802lbs Dianne North Tutukaka, New Zealand 8-Feb-81
Bigmouth Buffalo 70lbs 5oz Delbert Sisk Bussey Brake, Bastrop, LA 21-Apr-80
Black Buffalo 55lbs 8oz Edward H. McLain Cherokee Lake, TN 3-May-84
Black Bullhead 8lbs Kani Evans Lake Waccabuc, NY 1-Aug-51
Black Crappie 4lbs 8oz L. Carl Herring Jr. Kerr Lake, VA 1-Mar-81
Blue Catfish 111lbs William McKinley Wheeler’s Reservoir, TN 5-Jul-96
Black Drum 113lbs 1oz Gerald M. Townsend Lewes, DE 15-Sep-75
Black Marlin 1560lbs A.C. Glassell Jr. Cabo Blanco, Peru 4-Aug-53
Black Sea Bass 9lbs 8oz Joe Mizelle Jr. Virginia Beach, VA 9-Jan-87
Black Sea Bass 9lbs 8oz Jack G. Stallings Jr. Virginia Beach, VA 22-Dec-90
Blackfin Tuna 45lbs 8oz Sam J. Burnett Key West, FL 4-May-96
Blue Runner 11lbs 2oz Stacey M. Moiren Dauphin Island, AL 28-Jun-97
Blue Shark 454lbs Pete Bergin Martha’s Vineyard, MA 19-Jul-96
Bluefin Tuna 1496lbs Ken Fraser Aulds Cove, Nova Scotia 26-Oct-79
Bluefish 31lbs 12oz James M. Hussey Hatteras, NC 30-Jan-72
Bonefish 19lbs Brian W. Batchelor Zululand, South Africa 26-May-62
Bluegill 4lbs 12oz T.S. Hudson Ketona Lake, AL 9-Apr-50
Brook Trout 14lbs 8oz Dr. W.J. Cook Nipigon River, Ontario July, 1916
Bowfin 21lbs 8oz Robert L. Harmon Florence, SC 29-Jan-80
Brown Bullhead 5lbs 11oz Robert Bengis Cedar Creek, FL 28-Mar-95
Brown Trout 40lbs 4oz Rip Collins Little Red River, AR 9-May-92
Bull Trout 32lbs N.L. Higgins Lake Pond Orielle, ID 27-Oct-49
Burbot 18lbs 11oz Margit Agren Angenmanelren, Sweden 22-Oct-96
Butterfly Peacock 10lbs 8oz Larry Larsen Raraima, Brazil 21-Mar-94
Cabezon 23lbs Wesley Hunter Juan de Fuca Strait, WA 4-Aug-90
California Halibut 53lbs 4oz Russell J. Harmon Santa Rosa Island, CA 7-Jul-88
Carp 75lbs 11oz Leo van der Gugten Lac de St. Cassien, France 21-May-87
Channel Catfish 58lbs W.B. Whaley Santee-Cooper Res., SC 7-Jul-64
Chain Pickerel 9lbs 6oz Baxley McQuaig Jr. Homerville, GA 17-Feb-61
Chinook Salmon 97lbs 4oz Les Anderson Kenai River, AK 17-May-85
Chum Salmon 35lbs Todd Johansson Edye Pass, Brit. Columbia 11-Jul-95
Coho Salmon 33lbs 4oz Jerry Lifton Salmon River, Pulaski, NY 27-Sep-89
Crevalle Jack 57lbs 14oz Leon D. Richard Southwest Pass, LA 15-Aug-97
Cobia 135lbs 9oz Peter W. Goulding Shark Bay, W. Australia 9-Jul-85
Conger 133lbs 4oz Vic Evans South Devon, England 5-Jun-95
Cubera Snapper 121lbs 8oz Mike Hebert Cameron, LA 5-Jul-82
Cutthroat Trout 41lbs John Skimmerhorn Pyramid Lake, NV December, 1925
Dolly Varden 18lbs 9oz Richard B. Evans Mashutuk River, AK 13-Jul-93
Dolphin 87lbs Manuel Salazar Papagallo Gulf, Costa Rica 25-Sep-76
Dorado 51lbs 5oz Armando Giudice Corrientes, Argentina 27-Sep-84
European Bass 20lbs 11oz Jean Baptiste Bayle Stes Maries de la Mer, France 6-May-86
Flathead Catfish 91lbs 4oz Mike Rogers Lake Lewisville, TX 28-Mar-82
Flatwhiskered Catfish 9lbs 4oz Cavour Pieranti Rio Paraquai, Brazil 11-Sep-96
Florida Gar 21lbs 3oz Jeff Sabol Boca Raton, FL 3-Jun-81
Freshwater Drum 54lbs 8oz Benny E. Hull Nickajack Lake, TN 20-Apr-72
Giant Sea Bass 563lbs 8oz J.D. McAdam Jr. Anacapa Island, CA 20-Aug-68
Giant Tigerfish 97lbs Raymond Houtmans Zaire River, Kinshasa, Zaire 9-Jul-88
Gilded Catfish 85lbs 8oz Gilberto Fernandes Amazon River, Brazil 15-Nov-86
Gizzard Shad 4lbs 6oz Mike Berg Lake Michigan, IN 2-Mar-96
Golden Trout 11lbs Charles S. Reed Cooks Lake, WY 5-Aug-48
Goldfish 6lbs 10oz Florentino M. Abena Lake Hodges, CA 17-Apr-96
Grass Pickerel 1lbs Mike Berg Dewart Lake, IN 9-Jun-90
Great Barracuda 85lbs John W. Helfrich Christmas Is., Rep. of Kiribati 11-Apr-92
Great White Shark 2664lbs Alfred Dean Ceduna, S. Australia 21-Apr-59
Greater Amberjack 155lbs 10oz Joseph Dawson Challenger Bank, Bermuda 24-Jun-81
Greater Redhorse 9lbs 3oz Jason Wilson Salmon River, Pulaski, NY 11-May-85
Greenland Shark 1708lbs 9oz Terje Nordtvedt Trondheimsfjord, Norway 18-Oct-87
Guadalupe Bass 3lbs 11oz Allen Christenson Jr. Lake Travis, TX 25-Sep-83
Haddock 14lbs 15oz Heike Neblinger Saltraumen, Germany 15-Aug-97
Hammerhead Shark 991lbs Allen Ogle Sarasota, FL 30-May-82
Horse-eye Jack 24lbs 8oz Tito Schnau Miami, FL 20-Dec-82
Inconnu 53lbs Lawrence E. Hudnall Pah River, AK 20-Aug-86
Jewfish 680lbs Lynn Joyner Fernandina Beach, FL 20-May-61
Kawakawa 29lbs Ronald Nakamura Clarion Island, Mexico 17-Dec-86
King Mackerel 90lbs Norton I. Thomton Key West, FL 16-Feb-76
Kokanee 9lbs 6oz Norm Kuhn Okanagan Lake, British Columbia 18-Jun-88
Lake Salmon 18lbs 4oz Steve Robinson Lake Tanganyika, Zambia 1-Dec-87
Lake Sturgeon 168lbs Edward Paszkowski Georgian Bay, ON, Canada 29-May-82
Lake Trout 72lbs Lloyd E. Bull Great Bear Lake, N.W.T. 19-Aug-95
Lake Whitefish 14lbs 6oz Dennis M. Laycock Meaford, Ontario 21-May-84
Largemouth Bass 22lbs 4oz George W. Perry Montgomery Lake, GA 2-Jun-32
Lingcod 69lbs Murray M. Romer Langara Is., British Columbia 16-Jun-92
Little Tunny 35lbs 2oz Jean Yves Chatard Cape de Garde, Algeria 14-Dec-88
Longnose Gar 50lbs 5oz Townsend Miller Trinity River, TX 30-Jul-54
Longtail Tuna 79lbs 2oz Tim Simpson Montague Is., NSW, Australia 12-Apr-82
Marbled Eel 36lbs 1oz Ferdie van Nooten Durban, South Africa 10-Jun-84
Mexican Barracuda 21lbs E. Greg Kent Phantom Island, Costa Rica 27-Mar-87
Mediterranean Spearfish 90lbs 13oz Joseph Larkin Madeira Island, Portugal 2-Jun-80
Mountain Whitefish 5lbs 8oz Randy G. Woo Elbow River, Alberta 1-Aug-95
Muskellunge 67lbs 8oz Cal Johnson Hayward, WI 24-Jul-49
Nile Perch 213lbs 8oz Adrian Brayshaw Lake Nasser, Egypt 18-Dec-97
Northern Pike 55lbs 1oz Lothar Louis Lake of Grefeern, Germany 16-Oct-86
Pacific Amberjack 104lbs Richard Cresswell Baja Calif., Mexico 4-Jul-84
Pacific Bigeye Tuna 435lbs Dr. Russell Lee Cabo Blanco, Peru 17-Apr-57
Pacific Blue Marlin 1376lbs Jay W. deBeaubien Kaaiwi Point, Kona, HI 31-May-82
Pacific Bonito 14lbs 12oz Jerome H. Rilling San Benitos Is., Baja Calif. 12-Oct-80
Pacific Cod 32lbs Donald Boston Unalaska Bay, AK 29-Jun-97
Pacific Halibut 459lbs Jack Tragis Dutch Harbor, AK 11-Jun-96
Pacific Sailfish 221lbs C.W. Stewart Santa Cruz Is., Ecuador 12-Feb-47
Permit 56lbs 2oz Thomas Sebestyen Ft. Lauderdale, FL 30-Jun-97
Pickhandle Barracuda 25lbs 5oz Demetrios Stamatis Scottburgh, South Africa 3-Jul-96
Pink Salmon 13lbs 1oz Ray Higaki St. Mary’s River, Ontario 23-Sep-92
Pollack 27lbs 6oz Robert S. Milkins Salcombe, Devon, England 16-Jan-86
Pollock 50lbs Thor-Magnus Ukang Salstraumen, Norway 30-Nov-96
Porbeagle Shark 507lbs Christopher Bennet Pentland Firth, Scotland 9-Mar-93
Rainbow Runner 37lbs 9oz Tom Pfleger Clarion Island, Mexico 21-Nov-91
Rainbow Trout 42lbs 2oz David Robert White Bell Island, AK 22-Jun-70
Red Drum 94lbs 2oz David G. Deuel Avon, NC 7-Nov-84
Red Snapper 50lbs 4oz Capt. Doc Kennedy Gulf of Mexico, LA 23-Jun-96
Redeye Bass 8lbs 12oz Carl W. Davis Apalachicola River, FL 28-Jan-95
Redfin Pickerel 2lbs 4oz Edward C. Davis St. Pauls, NC 27-Jun-97
Redtail Catfish 97lbs 7oz Gilberto Fernandes Amazon River, Brazil 16-Jul-88
Roanoke Bass 1lbs 5oz Tom Elkins Nottoway River, VA 11-Nov-91
Rock Bass 3lbs Peter Gulgin York River, Ontario 1-Aug-74
Roosterfish 114lbs Abe Sackheim La Paz, Baja Calif., Mexico 1-Jun-60
Round Whitefish 6lbs Allan J. Ristori Putahow River, Manitoba 14-Jun-84
Sauger 8lbs 12oz Mike Fischer Lake Sakakawea, ND 6-Oct-71
Shortfin Mako Shark 1115lbs Patrick Guillanton Black River, Mauritius 16-Nov-88
Sharptoothed Catfish 79lbs 5oz Hennie Moller Orange River, S. Africa 5-Dec-92
Shortnose Gar 5lbs 12oz Donna K. Willmart Rend Lake, Ill 16-Jul-95
Silver Redhorse 11lbs 7oz Neal D.G. Long Plum Creek, WI 29-May-85
Skipjack Tuna 45lbs 4oz Brian Evans Flathead Bank, Mexico 16-Nov-96
Smallmouth Bass 10lbs 14oz John T. Gorman Dale Hollow, TN 24-Apr-69
Smallmouth Buffalo 82lbs 3oz Randy Collins Athens Lake, TX 6-Jun-93
Snook 53lbs 10oz Gilbert Ponzi Parismina Ranch, Costa Rica 18-Oct-78
Sockeye Salmon 15lbs 3oz Stan Roach Kenai River, AK 9-Aug-87
Southern Bluefin Tuna 348lbs 5oz Rex Wood Whakatane, New Zealand 16-Jan-81
Southern Flounder 20lbs 9oz Larenza Mungin Nassau Sound, FL 23-Dec-83
Spanish Mackerel 13lbs Robert Cranton Ocracoke Inlet, NC 4-Nov-87
Speckled Peacock 27lbs Gerald (Doc) Lawson Rio Negro, Brazil 4-Dec-94
Spotted Bass 9lbs 9oz Kirk Sakamoto Pine Flat Lake, CA 12-Oct-96
Spotted Gar 9lbs 12oz Rick Rivard Lake Mevia, TX 7-Apr-94
Spotted Seatrout 17lbs 7oz Craig F. Carson Ft. Pierce, FL 11-May-95
Striped Bass (saltwater) 78lbs 8oz Albert R. McReynolds Atlantic City, NJ 21-Sep-82
Striped Bass (landlocked) 67lbs 8oz Hank Ferguson O’Neill Forebay, San Luis, CA 7-May-92
Striped Marlin 494lbs Bill Boniface Tutakaka, New Zealand 16-Jan-86
Summer Flounder 22lbs 7oz Charles Nappi Montauk, NY 15-Sep-75
Suwannee Bass 3lbs 14oz Ronnie Everett Suwannee River, FL 2-Mar-85
Swordfish 1182lbs L. Marron Iquique, Chile 7-May-53
Tarpon 283lbs 4oz Yvon Victor Sebag Sherbro ls., Sierra Leone 16-Apr-91
Tautog 24lbs Gregory R. Bell Wachapreague, VA 25-Aug-87
Tiger Muskellunge 51lbs 3oz John A. Knobla Lac Vieux-Desert, WI-MI 16-Jul-19
Tiger Shark 1780lbs Walter Maxwell Cherry Grove, SC 14-Jun-64
Tiger Trout 20lbs 13oz Peter M. Friedland Lake Michigan, WI 12-Aug-78
Tilapia 6lbs 5oz Marvin C. Smith Lake Arsenal, Costa Rica 10-Feb-95
Wahoo 158lbs 8oz Keith Winter Loreto, Baja Calif., Mexico 10-Jun-96
Walleye 25lbs Mabry Harper Old Hickory Lake, TN 2-Aug-60
Warmouth 2lbs 7oz Tony D. Dempsey Guess Lake, Holt, FL 19-Oct-85
Warsaw Grouper 436lbs 12oz Steve Haeusler Gulf of Mexico, Destin, FL 22-Dec-85
Weakfish 19lbs 2oz Dennis R. Rooney Jones Beach, Long Island, NY 11-Oct-84
Weakfish 19lbs 2oz William E. Thomas Delaware Bay, DE 20-May-89
White Bass 6lbs 13oz Ronald L. Sprouse Lake Orange, VA 31-Jul-89
White Catfish 18lbs 14oz Jim Miller Inverness, FL 21-Sep-91
White Crappie 5lbs 3oz Fred L. Bright Enid Dam, MS 31-Jul-57
White Marlin 181lbs 14oz Evandro Luiz Coser Vitoria, Brazil 8-Dec-79
White Perch 4lbs 12oz Mrs. Earl Small Messalonskee Lake, ME 4-Jun-49
White Seabass 83lbs 12oz L.C. Baumgardner San Felipe, Mexico 31-Mar-53
White Sturgeon 468lbs Joey Pallotta III Benicia, CA 9-Jul-83
Whiterock Bass 27lbs 5oz Jerald C. Shaum Greers Ferry Lake, AR 24-Apr-97
Yellow Bass 2lbs 4oz Donald L. Stalker Lake Monroe, IN 27-Mar-77
Yellow Bullhead 4lbs 4oz Emily Williams Mormon Lake, AZ 11-May-84
Yellow Hybrid Bass 2lbs 5oz George Edwards Kiamichi River, OK 26-Mar-91
Yellow Perch 4lbs 3oz Dr. C.C. Abbot Bordentown, NJ May, 1865
Yellowfin Tuna 388lbs 12oz Curt Wiesenhutter San Benedicto Island, Mexico 1-Apr-77
Zander 25lbs 2oz Harry Lee Tennison Trosa, Sweden 12-Jun-86