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The area I fish and live  in is known as the Seaway Valley.  It consists of basically three counties Stormont, Dundas, Glengarry, and the city of Cornwall. The name Seaway comes from the St. Lawrence seaway. A little history.  In 1958, The St. Lawrence Seaway was created. One of the most amazing engineering feats ever undertaken by man.  There were several villages along the way, my father lived in one of those villages. So imagine this, my father as a boy living in a house in this village with his mother ,father and twelve brothers and sisters. Some men show up at his house and thay are told, if we can move your house we will, and if not you will be given a new house on a piece of land.  That was the options, whole villages were to be moved if they could, and if they couldn’t be moved, they would be flooded. Gravestones had to be relocated, I don’t believe the bodies were (which will prove interesting later on in the story). Here are some pictures to give you an idea of the transformation.


This is whats left of the old highway. It shows up here and there along with many other things from the past. One of my favorite spots to fish is the old Grand Trunk rail road. Its awesome because your in the middle of the river and then its like two feet deep. Lots a bass in those areas.  Just down from there is one of the old graveyards. Ya Iam fishing there one day in my little boat and a elderly passerby yells over to me and says “hey your fishing in the old graveyard”. I drove over to talk and he told me he grew up in the area and i was fishing on his old village and that i was on top of the graveyard. I told him ” must be why the fish are a good size in here, Lots of nutrients in the water”. We had a laugh.

There is still alot of old foundations and buildings under the water. Its a very popular scuba diving place.

here is some links



And this is real cbc footage of the seaway


Thats a great video of the coffer dam being blown up and the flooding.


So welcome to the seaway valley, and remember if your fishing here and your snagged, your not caught on bottom, your caught on a piece of history.