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Wack some Post Spawn Bass

Posted by on Jun 27, 2013   4:54 PM  | Fishing Tips & TechniquesWFN Community
Wack some Post Spawn Bass

My friends know that I am always looking for innovative fishing products that help people to catch bass. I share the product and how to use them in the daily tips I post on Facebook and on the Team Bilbrey Fishing web site. A few months ago, Mystery Tackle Box introduced the WackOjig to thousands of people and many of them recognized the unique innovation designed to flip the deadly wacky rig in the same manner as a regular jig bringing the best of both presentations together. The tournament tested, almost weedless jig can be fished around docks, in wood cover and in grass and weeds making it an overnight hit with anglers.

WackOjig With the position of the ring on the head along with the weed guard, the WackOjig is virtually snag resistant like a flipping jig. The best part is the jig will save anglers a ton of money since the same bait can be used fish after fish without damaging the bait. They are great for children and beginners all that is required is to cast it out and let it fall on a semi-slack line, and if a strike doesn’t happen on the fall, simply raise the rod to raise the WackOjig off the bottom and allow it to fall again. The fall provides an unusual action of the worm that entices reactive strikes from bass. The precision weighted jig is available in different sizes to allow the finesse technique to intrude the deeper structure.

WackOjig  The “wacky rig” is one of the best presentations for spawning fish in the spring due in part by the rigging allowing the ends of the worm vibrate as the worm falls with a realistic twist and turn forcing strikes from bass. When the post spawn fishing slows down throw a WackOjig! The evolution of the wacky rig has come a long way from the light line finesse tactic for bass to one that can be skipped, pitched or flipped with a bait casting reel since the innovative WackOjig was introduced. Simply cast the rig and allow the worm to free fall for a second or two, then by shaking the rod tip occasionally, pause then continue to let the bait free fall. Repeat this until the bait gets to the bottom.

WackOjig   When you get a bite you will feel light pressure on the line, wait a second and once you feel the weight of the fish, set the hook. Just reel in the slack and put steady pressure on the rod and it will drive the super-sharp black nickel Mustad 4/0 hook of the WackOjig into the jaw of the bass. The rig is an all-around great innovation. When paired up with the Attack Pak Salty Sink Stick, the combination can be deadly. The Attack Pak Fishing’s 5 inch “Salty Sink Stick “worms produce better action than most because they are balanced from end to end instead of an extreme taper like other worms have. These worms are loaded with large grain salt that you can see come out of the plastic when you roll the bait in your fingers. What this does is simulate the taste of blood to bass as they strike making the hold on. The bait is also injected with Juiced Up Baits X10 formula that adds a real food source taste enhancing the effectiveness of the salt. Simply cast and allow the rig fall on a semi-slack line. If you don’t get a strike on fall, raise the rod lifting the bait off the bottom and let it fall again.

WackOjigHappy Fishing!

Visit WackOjig at: http://wackojig.com/

And Attack Pak at: http://www.attackpakfishing.com/


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