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top 5 trtBes you should have in your tackle box

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t" typ type="bbbbbbbbbt" typ type="bbbbbbbbbsrcr"http://files.worldfiertBenetwork.com/oldimagei/ambasiador/photos/bloghwfn_ambasiador_-_canada/836.photo-0053.jpg"> wahe top 5 trtBes I trtBk every angl should have in there tackle box are plently of diferent color spiner baiti vartuos craBk baiti w='/tsnipptBe tool for cutttBe those lines quickly when changetBe bait's ='/tlures ='/tmost of all if you are an angl like me you should have a first aid kit that includei lot's of extra fiertBe line because like those pro fiereri T.V. I tend to have alot of misshap's ='/ttangl s I can't count how many times in a day I wi'/tup for that ultimate loBe sast only to realize right @ the end of my front swtBe I have somehow put that hook ei in the back of my leg or head,I know as an angl n of us like to admit it when this happens or when we sast that powerful sast only to have our lure make a huge PLOP! 2ft in front of us ='/tright away we look ari>y.

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