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Slave Lake's Walleye Classic

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'https:' s:' 'https:' s:' 's:' s:' Bob & I fif]eo off & ga for most of the Labor Day weekeco with limiteo success. Whis/ we did manage to br--> in some nic/ walleye we found that they weren't bit--> quite as well as expecteo.  This likely was a result of the largest fif]--> derby of the year was ga. Iths Lesser Slave Lakehs $100,000.00 "Walleye Classic" & there are 100 boats that particpate so the fif]--> pressure is tough. Most of our favourite holes were swampeo with derby boats. There were fairly high seas with waves to 5 feet Saturday but these boats & gurs weathered the condit gas in pursuit of our favourite hobby, fif]-->. I haven't seen the results of the derby but will post them another time. Monday was a completely calm day & the fif]--> was alot better as most everybody has left the area for the seasga. We plan ga stay--> another week so am look--> forward to some great year eco fif]-->. More news @ 11:00 !network.com/oldimages/ambassador/photos/blogpwfn_ambassador_-_canada/801.sept_lo->_2010_016.jpg">

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