seriously!!who does'nt like smallies!?!task 18 - World Fishing Network

seriously!!who does’nt like smallies!?!task 18

Posted by on Oct 27, 2010   12:00 AM  | WFN Community


Smallmouth bass is my favorite fish to catch for agressive strikes, attacks and weird behaviors. I say pound for pound it is the strongest fish in my area wich is montreal quebec, i catch most of my smallmouths next to my place in riviere des milles iles, its a river that its level goes up and down through out all spring and summer. when water gets very low, the fishing gets real easy, I get my waders on to get to deeper water and just cast any lure such as crankbaits,jigs,spinners, top water, you name it. When it gets really hot up here thats where i take out my popper skitter pop lime frog, i just let it drift in current and pop it once in while after a few secs i pull it out of current to calm waters and thats where strike usually occurs.

Are you stuck on branch and your lure is just above water or barely touching it…dont get unsuck so fast be patient and jerk on it. I often see crazy attacks in this situation, the smallie just jumped at my storm curly tail (perch color) that was hanging on a branch and its head swinging in and out of water, other times i’ll be snagged on some underwater vegetation, before trying to get out so fast  i wait a few seconds and just keep the lure in motion, just think as if you were a fish hanging out in weed patches or near lili pads, it just looks natural.

the other thing i like to do for smallmouths is to make lure skip on water like, beleive it or not, smallmouths sometimes bite it before it even lands on water. so be patient before setting the hook. People who fish with topwaters for the first time always pull the hook away from the fish as soon as they feel a strike or see ripples near lure. you really have to wait and feel a good tug.

my biggest smallmouth was in lake st pierre, and riviere des milles iles the average size is 2 lbs but they put a better fight than the ones in lake st pierre.

my favorite lures for smallmouth in order are live target perch, skitter pop lime frog, big ”o” perch,chrome, white, curly tail jigs any color, and of course rapala original the floater size 5 to 9.

I use 8 lbs test and berkley lighting rod to catch smallmouth you’ll get a better fight and have more action for crankbaits, but dont over fight these fish reel them in quick than release them, we want this type of fishing for years to come.

so get out there try weird things for smallmouths, i mean anything. I even hear they bite on musky lures. They are crazy and my favorite fish to catch.