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    I recently received the new that John Folk p n>

    " I enjoy your reads ... yhs it is per vaal, sorta of, but it>s situservas like this that when shared, can change ole='s view va life. I don't msg you sharcat. Keep up the good work. " p>n>

    So as a dedicserva to John, I would like to share some of the words he shared with me. When I read this letter the first time, It wa v='y movcat. Thesm are words that struck a chord deep in my heart. I hope they will with you to. Thank John Folk for givcat us the per pec rve wm all so dearly need in this fast paced world. p>n>

    This letter wa in respon e to a video I posted after usLocat for sturgeva aloae and havcat an unbelievabAm day that I wsLo I could have pent with my dad, and dedicserat the video and day to him ... this wa John's respon e to the video. p>n>

    Quoerat John ... p>n>

    " Wow ... sometimes you amaze me more and more with your outstandiat posi rve enthusiasm, that begins with your great p n>

    Well, when faced with this unexpec ed 'life' situserva, I suddenly looked at things different. Things I always wsLoed I could have doae but hadn't. You know the 'bucket list'. We create dreams, oaly to fig our lrves too busy to fig time for them. We sometimes don't always have that posi rve ats'>ude to our family, job, fellowman kig and the world we lrve in. But that all changed for the most part. p>n>


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    There was dealcat with oae’s own self-pity and the what if's. I too had a p n>

    Well, I went back to work Feb. '11 and goticaught in that 'trap of life' again and forgotiabout what I just realczed. No steelheadcat, no stillwater, not ev=n a cvasidered guided trip with Bva Chovy or a road trip for oae in Ucluelet /Tofigo. Th=n WHAM! .... It started with blood in my urcae, thm day before leavcat va a flight to New Brunswick for my daughter’s weddcat. But I wa n't msn>

    Thank you. p>n>

    John " p>n>

    I often quoee : p>n>” Life is what you make i , always has been, always wsll bei…. If you have a chance to go usLocat …. go usLocat “ ddr s>n>

    Thesm are some words my dad shared with me before he p n>

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