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Hiding Your Weight (Inside Your Plastic Worm) A DIY Project

Posted by on Sep 22, 2011   12:00 AM  | WFN Community

This is a fun, cheep and easy way to add weight to your plastic baits.

You can change the presentation of your wacky rigging style and several other styles of rigging’s of your plastics by adding a little weight to the nose or tail end of the worm. Let your imagination go here.  This makes it more vertical in it’s decent to the bottom by adding a simple end of a dry wall screw to the head or the tail (depending on which end you would like to be in the down position).  Now, I choose to use dry wall screws because they just break with a little pressure applied with the proper tools.  You can use about any screw of any size you choose.  No matter how simple or how complex your assortment of tools, you can find a way to snap the end off of these fasteners fairly easily.  I have used a Dremel to grind them in half.  I have used a hacksaw.  I have just pinched the head of the screw in a vice, hit it with a hammer and crawled around the floor to find the piece that flies off.  That’s not the safest way.  But, no matter how you choose to cut them, you can end up with several different lengths and weights to screw into the end of the plastic bait, according to the size of the screw and where you choose to make the cut.  This will leave you with better choices when on the water and you want to add some weight to a plastic to change the way the fish sees your presentation.

The screws start like this.

And, end up like this.  Now, if you don’t want to DIY, you can find screws with no heads just like this at a hardware store that has the isle of bin after bin of hardware.  They’re called ‘set screws’.

You simply screw it in with a pair of needle nose pliers and watch the magic happen.  Trust me!  It can mean catching more fish and the bigger fish that may be hanging on the bottom where you can’t get a non-weighted plastic bait because of current or… Well, you’ll think of a reason to use them if you put just a few in your tackle box.  They don’t take up much space.  It’s almost free.  And, you Did It Yourself.  Feels good!

Oh yeah!  Don’t forget your safety glasses!

Happy Fishing!  And, Keep Your Bait In The water!

John Cochran
World Fishing Network Ambassador