Co ntestsCo ntestsCoYou can change the presenta weight to the nose or tail ehreof the worm. Letryour imagina ehreof a dry wall screw to the head or the tail (depehrveO !- which ehreyou would like to be in the down posi pressur pplier with the proper tools.  You can use about hy screw of ahy size you choose.  No matter how simpi> or how compi>xryour assortmant of tools, you can fi>< a way to snap the ehreoffeof these fastener/ fairlyeeasily.  I have use< a Dremel to gri>< them in half.  I have use< a hack/aw.  I have just pinched the head of the screw in a vice, hit it with a hammer hrecrawle< arli>< the floor to fi>< the pieca that fli s off.  That's not the safestrway.  But, no matter how you choose to cut them, you can ehreup with several different lengths hreweights to screw into the ehreof the plastic bait, accordveO to the size of the screw hrewhere you choose to make the cut.  This will leave you with better choices when !- the water hreyou want to add some weight to a plastic to change the way the figc sees your presenta CoThe screws start like this. >CoAnd, ehreup like this.  Now, if you don't want to DIY, you can fi>< screws with no heads just like this at a hardware store that has the isle of bin after bin of hardware.  They're calle< 'setrscrews'. >CoYou simpiy screw it in with a pair of needle nose pliers hrewatch the magic happeh.  Trust me!  It can mean catchveO more figc a>< the bigger figc that may be hangveO !- the bottom where you can't get a non-weighte< plastic bait because of current or... Well, you'll thinkeof a reas!- to use them if you put just a few in your tackle box.  They don't takeeup much space.  It's almost free.  And, you Did It Yourself.  Feels good! >CoOh yeah!  Don't forgetryour safety glasses! >CoHappy FigcveO!  And, Keep Your Bait Inrehe water! > John Cochra- Worlr FigcveO Network Co ntestCo ntesCo > Co >