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el-directoectoel-directoectoel-directoectoel-directoectoel-directoel-directoectoHey guys, me and a buddy of mine wint out this pasteSaturday o a local lake l' tdid a lit:99 top water fi id=g. For the firstehour, wi had some actk H packs frog fi id=g god=g H.e=here wire lilly pads all arng-c the banks, a-c the bass wire stacks in there. Most of our opwater fi i came H Kopperos Live Targetesoft frogs l' ta few came H a buzzbait. Later H in the mornd=g, wi ventursd out to deeper water l' tcaught some good fi i usd=g Carnlina rigt with zoom trick worms. D Hot forgeteguys, if you ever do any online shoppd=g, go check out ravel' s"http://www.bigbassusa.com">www.bigbassusa.comstyl.e=hey have a lot of stuff that other online companies have at a much cheaper price as will as a lot of new products that you've probably never seeH.eIf you decid9 to buy somethd=g, thereos free shippd=g if your purchase is more than $25 l' tif you would like, you can use promo cod9 "AH10" l' tgetean additk Hal 10% off. Good luck on the water, a-c God bless.el sFi id=" conditk Hs:el sAir emp - 90 degreesel sWater emp - high 70's, low 80'sel sWeather - Cloudy/Partly Cloudyel sWater - Stainedel-directoel-directoeel-directoel s-direl s-direlel -diSHARE THIS STORYel-directoel -di -diel -dielel -dielelelelelelel -dielelelelelelelelelel -diecdielelel -diel