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Fishing 101 For Women

Posted by on Sep 15, 2013   3:34 PM  | WFN Community

Yvonne Brown from Oshawa, Ontario the founder of ‘Fishing 101 For Women’ began fishing with her father at the age of four. As a teenager she became distracted by other things. Thirty years later she found herself back on the water with her Dad. Her passion lead to her joining two separate bass clubs in her area. This allowed Yvonne to participate in club events, charity tournaments,  children’s community fishing events and even larger events like the Ontario Bass Nation Qualifier and the Canada-U.S. Walleye Tournament. With Yvonne spending lots of time in the fishing community and on the water she saw a need to create an avenue for more women to be involved in fishing.

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With the help of the fishing industry Yvonne’s dream of ‘Fishing 101 For Women’ became a reality in 2013. The idea behind Fishing 101 for Women is to get females interested in the sport of fishing so they can fish for recreation. The seminar provides them with the basic knowledge so they will feel confident enough to bring their children out to help grow the sport. The seminars include fish identification, safety, zone regulations, licensing, fishing equipment, rigging a slip float and learning how to tie proper fishing knots such as the improved clinch knot and palomar knot.

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Seminars were held at Radioworld in Toronto, ON., Sports Garden Cafe in Whitby, ON., and Elmhirst’s Resort in Keene, ON. A fourth seminar was added by the ‘Ontario Fishing Club for the deaf and hard of hearing women. This was held at the Durham Deaf Services in Oshawa, ON. Where Yvonne has worked for the past sixteen years. The last seminar was held at the The Ontario Hunting and Fishing Heritage Centre in Peterborough, ON.


Yvonne Brown states that “these are exciting times for female anglers! There is definitely a movement on to get women more involved in fishing and it’s not just with ‘Fishing 101 For Women’. There are more female pro-staff working in partnership with industry business and more women attending the annual fishing and sporting shows each year. Should you or someone you know be interested in finding out more about ‘Fishing 101 For Women’ contact Yvonne Brown at Find ‘Fishing 101 For Women’ on Facebook and Twitter (@yvonnefishing).

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