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Early Season Bass, Fishing the Pre-Spawn

Posted by on Feb 24, 2011   12:00 AM  | WFN Community

 What is the season between winter and spring? In my area it is called bass season! This is the time when nature and the earth begin to change things, and to anglers the time known as the pre-spawn. As the longer days begin to warm up and the water temperatures start to rise, it is time to start targeting shallow flat areas near the deep winter haunts of the pre-spawn bass. In this blogs lets take a few minutes to discuss some great pre-spawn lures that every angler should have in their arsenal to locate and catch the early emerging late winter – early spring bass in any geographical location.    

 If you have read my recent blogs on this topic you have seen my theory of how the pre-spawn follows geographic warming trends from the south to the north. I will provide links at the end to these other blogs that go into more detail about the pre-spawn migration and tips for locating the bass. 

 In many places I know that anglers are forced to wait until the fourth Saturday in June to fish for bass, and for those of you in those areas I do apologize, and know that you are always welcome to come on down to Tennessee. I do not want to seem as though I am rubbing pre-spawn bass fishing into the faces of those who have closed seasons.      

 Knowing that my blogs are being read by many in the north, I did some home work and found out that much of the United States and some parts of Canada will or has in recent years to allow anglers to fish the pre-spawn with early catch and release programs, Researching this I have found that it has been done in provinces of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Manitoba, Quebec and Ontario in the far north and northwest where there are plentiful bass populations. Check with your local wildlife agency for details there are restrictions unique to each area.       

  I would like to also add that I do not fish or condone fishing once the bass begin to spawn and are on the beds. This could be detrimental to bass populations in pressured smaller bodies of water and in colder northern climates. Smallmouth will begin to spawn at 55 to 58 degrees, while largemouth will begin at temperatures of 62 to 68 degrees.  To avoid catching bedding bass as the water warms, simply fish in deeper water that five feet.    

 And now the lures for this season:  

When fishing open area near rocky points and humps 12 or more feet deep, these are the lures many anglers agree on:

Deep diving jerkbait

Lipless crankbait

Medium diving crankbaits  

And if the bite is not turned on try going to shallow cover, casting to stumps, rocks and weeds 8 feet and even less with these lures:

3/8 oz double willow leaf spinnerbait

Shallow running square bill crankbait

Tubes on 1/4 oz jig

I hope this helps you to enjoy early season bass in your area.

Happy Fishing!

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