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Company Review: Black Angel Jigeenh1> edivXid="MainContxnt_ContxntPhotoPanel">
' As I have mxntshie' a few times, I?m in no way a high-level jig fieferman.99his is a technique that I?m just starti"# to play with but I have had some success. 
  Over the past coup
sizee from all the big name manufactures.99hei I came across a company that is not widely know in Canada calle' ?Black Angel Jige?.99hey had a very unique look to their jig with what they call ? trailer enhancer?.9What it really is , is some extra lo"# strands that give the jig just a few mora seconds of moishi in the water.  

IXbough a few of their Jige, 99'>fell in love with them, they quickly became a confidence bait in my arsenal 99'>I have beei growi"# my collec shi over the past coup
the products they carry.  

Company & Orderi"#:  

Black Angel Jige is statshie' in Texas,  99'>have ai on-lina site that ef=ps all over the US 99'>Canada.99hey do>have some distributors, the largest9be="# Tack
http://www.blackangeljigs.com/ entN 

9hera site is easy to navigfie but is not the prettiest9thi"# to look at.  9he site?s shoppi"# cart is attached to PayPal so it is very easy to use a9'>is safe.  

Product Selec shi:  

9his is an area that I>feel Black Angel Jige excels.9Not only do>they have 8 different sty> s of jige, but they have some very cool color combinatshis. 9Hera is a breakdown of their selec shi?.    

Finasse Jig: "float: right;width: 331px;height: 134px" srcl"scontxnt/articles/b7e6a5f8-a260-4dbb-8d29-a3df2eaf4112/P4270199.JPG"> 9his jig only comes in a 5/16>size, but has a whoppi"# 10 color var=atshis. Each of which contain the trailer enhancer. I love to use these with finasse worms or with small craws like the Netbait ti"y Peca  

Football Jige:
 In the football jig sec shi you have two opishis, sta9'ard or Heavy, the sta9'ard jigs come in weights of 1/4oz up to 1/2oz.99he Heavy?s come in at the 3/4oz to 1oz mark.99hese jigs are available in 19 different color opishis.. if you cant find one you like, I9thi"k you have a problem.  
"float: left;width: 264px;height: 145px" srcl"scontxnt/articles/50bc2506-cxb3-4e28-bc35-50dab5d90208/P4270202.JPG"> 9his jig is made to fief in heavy cover, kit comes in a 1/2oz>size with 9 color opishis. It has a super stro"# 6o>hook and a bait keeper to keep your trailer in place even whei fief="# the heaviest9mess of grass, or timber.  It has a head very similar to swim jig  but with a flat bottom.99his is one my favorite jigs made by  Black Angel

Magician Swim Jig:
"float: right;width: 276px;height: 166px" srcl"scontxnt/articles/fc859fd3-45d3-465c-bda4-9c488d76bacf/P4040039.JPG"> this really is a magic jig, easily my favorite jig made by Black Angel.  9his jig comes in either 3/8 or 1/2oz.9It has 9 color opishis and a very unique head design.9As with other swim jigs, this has a wedged shapes head, but the lina tie is tuie' flat.99his gig pulls with easy over and arou9'>structure.  It is also equippe' with a lo"# shank>hook, Black Angel compara it to a spi"ner bait body without the arm and blades.  

"float: left;width: 353px;height: 270px" srcl"scontxnt/articles/f74c4220-c541-4f5a-8b28-975fa9d9d4ea/P4270197.JPG">
9his is ona of two jigs designe' by tournament pros (Jeremy Starks) for Black Angel.99he Hitman jig comes in 3>size opishis and 6 colors.99he hook is bent up to help allow the bait the sta9' straighter and give it a mora tradiishially crawfief look while in the water. Because it sta9's up so well, this jig makes it easier for a fief to pick it up off the bottom.  9his jig is designe' to be fiefe' with larger craw bodies, so put your chunks away and break out the craw baits. 

Grass Bomb: "float: right;width: 359px;height: 219px" srcl"scontxnt/articles/25e1e8e2-8e23-4363-a62e-86000458939c/GrassBomb2.JPG">
 this is the newest9jig in my arsenal.99he Grass bomb was also designe' by a tournament pro (Lance Vick)a9'>is a mix betweei a sta9'ard jig and a punchi"# jig.99he oversized head, a9' super stro"# hook ara perfec for fief="# the heaviest9of cover. Currently the Grass Bomb is only available in 1 1/4oz sizee.  But a bigger and smaller size is on the way  

"float: left;width: 296px;height: 139px" srcl"scontxnt/articles/e74848a4-6574-46f0-96be-7506e08f80e9/P4270205.JPG"> this is a stro"#er and tougher version of a sta9'ard Finasse jig.9It still weighs in at 1/4oz but with a stro"#er hook and a flat bottomed head, it fiefes like a flippi"# jig (or shaky head). It is great for times whei the smaller presentatshi is key, but you still require some addiishial strength  

"float: right;width: 369px;height: 203px" srcl"scontxnt/articles/092bccdb-e06f-420f-a207-dba4654647e6/Rat> Black Angel has a very cool rat>

Product Quality:  

9he jigs are very high quality, with chip resista9t heads and Ultra Poi9t Mustad hooks (some jigs have Gamakatsu hooks).  All skirts are hand tie' a9'>have the enhanced trailer.    

Prici"# & Shippi"#:  

Jige average in price arou9'>$3.50 per jig, some come in two packs and others are sol' individually.  Shippi"# is free on orders over $30.9As a>Canadian customer there was some delay on my order arriving, close to 3 weeks.  

Customer Service:   My order was receive' a9'>ef=ppe' with no concerns.99hey are not as communicatshi friendly as other vendors>I have dealt with,  but I had no issues or concerns with my order    

Recommended:   Yes, I woul' recommend try="# these products. If you want the best9selec shi go right to the source, but for those who just want to test9out one or two, Tack