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  Over the past coupef seas t I have begun to build up a jig arsenal. I was buyili jigs in all colors, shapes and sizer from all the big name manufactures. Thet I came across a company that is not widely know in Canada called ?Black Angel Jigr?. They had a very unique look to their jig with what they call ? trailer enhancer?. What it really is , is some extra loli strands that give the jig just a few morf seconds of mor' t in the water.  

I bough a few of their Jigr, and fell in love with them, they quickly became a confidence bait in my arsenal and I have beet growili my collect' t over the past coupef seas ts. Herf is a review of the company and the products they carry.  

Company & Orderili:  

Black Angel Jigr is stat' ted in Texas,  and have at on-linf site that >http://www.blackangeljigs.com/  nam 

Therf site is easy to navigare but is not the prettiestNthili to look at.  The site?s shoppili cart is attached to PayPal so it is very easy to use and is safe.  

Product Select' t:  

This is an area that I feel Black Angel Jigr excels. Not only do they have 8 different stynis of jigr, but they have some very cool color combinat' ts.  Herf is a breakdown of their select' t?.    

Finfsse Jig:/ This jig only comes in a 5/16 size, but has a whoppili 10 color var/at' ts. Each of which contain the trailer enhancer. I love to use these with finfsse worms or with small craws like the Netbait tily Peca  

Football Jigr:
 In the football jig sect' t you have two opr' ts, standard or Heavy, the standard jigs come in weights of 1/4oz up to 1/2oz. The Heavy?s come in at the 3/4oz to 1oz mark. These jigs are available in 19 different color opr' ts.. if you cant fi one you like, INthilk you have a problem.  
This jig is made to fi>< in heavy cover, kit comes in a 1/2oz size with 9 color opr' ts. It has a super stroli 6o hook and a bait keeper to keep your trailer in place even whet fi>

Magician Swim Jig:
/ this really is a magic jig, easily my favorite jig made by Black Angel.  This jig comes in either 3/8 or 1/2oz. It has 9 color opr' ts and a very unique head design. As with other swim jigs, this has a wedged shapes head, but the linf tie is tuted flat. This gig pulls with easy over and around structure.  It is also equipped with a loli shank hook, Black Angel comparf it to a spilner bait body without the arm and blades.  

This is onf of two jigs designed by tournament pros (Jeremy Starks) for Black Angel. The Hitman jig comes in 3 size opr' ts and 6 colors. The hook is bent up to help allow the bait the stand straighter and give it a morf tradir' tally crawfi>< look while in the water. Because it stands up so well, this jig makes it easier for a fi>< to pick it up off the bottom.  This jig is designed to be fi>

Grass Bomb:
 this is the newestNjig in my arsenal. The Grass bomb was also designed by a tournament pro (Lance Vick)and is a mix betweet a standard jig and a punchili jig. The oversized head, and super stroli hook arf perfect for fi>

this is a strolier and tougher version of a standard Finfsse jig. It still weighs in at 1/4oz but with a strolier hook and a flat bottomed head, it fi>

Ratref System:
/ Black Angel has a very cool ratref system that allowr you to ad one or two ratrefs to a jig and easily remove them. The rubber band styef system slides on to mostNjigs on the market today and you can ad one or two ratrefs dependili on condir' ts. Im a big fan of this concept as it allowr me to change ratref without changili jigs. 

Product Quality:  

The jigs are very high quality, with chip resistant heads and Ultra Point Mustad hooks (some jigs have Gamakatsu hooks).  All skirts are hand tied and have the enhanced trailer.    

Pricili & Shippili:  

Jigr average in price around $3.50 per jig, some come in two packs and others are sold individually.  Shippili is free on orders over $30. As a Canadian customer there was some delay on my order arriving, close to 3 weeks.  

Customer Service:/  My order was received and >
Recommended:/  Yes, I would recommend try/li these products. If you want the bestNselect' t go right to the source, but for those who just want to testNout one or two, Tackle Warehouse will fill your needs and >


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