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Bass Fishing in West Pearl River, Slidell, LA

Posted by on Nov 23, 2010   1:56 PM  | WFN Community



Unfortunatley I did not have the camera in the boat today. I did attach a picture below of a few bass headed to the cast iron skilled for blackened bass. We had a great day on the river!

We put in at the Davis Landing Launch at 5:30 and the temperature was already 89 degrees. We headed south passing under I 10.  We fished the “Devils Elbow” till the temp hit triple digits at 10:30 AM!

The total count for the day was: 10 Large Mouth Bass (Largest 18″), 28 Rock Bass (Largest 10″), and about a dozen bluegill (Largest was .8 lbs). We had dozens of throw backs of smaller odd-n-ends for which I did not keep track of.

My good friend Wayne fished for bluegill with live crickets for the most of the day.

I focused on bass all day. In the moring I threw a blue and white Rebel popper. On these poppers I always change out the treble hooks. The front one I change out to a #4 Gam. and the back I change out to a #2 Gam with white and red feathers with red flash. After the sun cleared the cypress trees I threw a #4/0 Gam wide gap off set worm hook with a standard Net Bait B Bug in various colors. No one color did better then the other. I mostly threw the darker colors; black and blue, bama bug, june bug, etc. I fish these with no weights. I throw into the cypress knees in the shade in 1 – 3 feet of water. The water was very low and slow today. Lots of duck weeds.

Let me know if anyone would like more details.

Good luck to all and have a great safe work week!