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Ambassador Pointstwh1>jAxM2RkBHQkBHQjAxM2RkBHQkBHQjAxM2RkBHQkBHQjAxM2RkBHQkBHQjAxM2RkBHQn/header jAxM2RkBHQkjAxM2RkBHQkBHQ        Lately there has been some controversy on the WFN Ambassador point system. I agree that the point system is flawee but are we really dot" these blogs for the points? I do it for my love of fiort" . Some peops? are upset that some ambassadors copy articles word for word from fiort" magazines cle get the same 10 points they get when they break their butts puttt" together an original blog. I don't blame you for bet" upset. The points don't mean a tht" . Accordt" to the WFN Ambassador rules "Each ambassador cle their blogs will be evaluatee basee on creativity, entertainment value, quality cle overall informes --al value". If someone has a mill -- points by plagiartzt" magazine articles or videos they will not get the recognis -- from WFN. One of the biggest rewards for me was when I openee up WFN's home page this mornt" cle I saw the articlemI wrote on stripee bass fiort"  yesterday featuree on the home page. I am 60 years old cle the reason I joinee the ambassador program was to try cle share some of the fiort" knowledgemI have accumulatee over the past 50 years of fiort" . I am more of lDQcles on guy cle I could take you out on my boat cle have you cescrt" fior in no time flat.mI have some difficulty transfert" this informes -- into a blog. I don't know what WFN saw in me when I was named c Top Ambassador in June but I'm grateful for the recognis --.mI write blogs -- inshore saltwater fiort" cle accordt" to a recent survey only about 23% of the readers of the WFN website are saltwater anglers.mI know that I don't  get read that often but I still enjoy writt" the blogs. I follow several ambassadors blogs daily even though I don't do much freshwater fiort" . I like the wit cle sarcasm of R-- Nord cle the pass -- of Donnie Cooke. I also follow Jamie Antoine ale Mark Bilbrey these guys put a lot of reaserch ale the love of fiort" into their blogs. These 2 guys are sometht" special, their blogs are better than most articles that you will find in a fiort" magazine.mI will never accumulate a lot of points because I don't belo" to Facebook, Twitter, I don't own a video camera cle I forget to brt" the camera on the boat half the time. Let's forget about the points have some fun cle write the best blogs that you can. If you work hard you will get the recognis -- from WFN, now let's get back to talkt" cbout fiort"'.
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