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       One of the best times to purchase new tackle is dur0,3 the after Christmas sales. Most sporti,3 good stores, tackle shops cle retail stores will have cl clnual blow out just after Christmas. Huge savings ccl be found - ?out of season? items such as fi400,3 lures, rod cle reeltcombos cle tackle boxes.   

      It seems that this year the fodder has been excep!-- al in my area, I have found clearance items at several retailers cle I have rackee up - crankbaits cle soft plastics. What a better way to fight ccbin fever than to spele atcole snowy Saturday organiz0,3 your new lures in your tackle box. I challenge my fellow anglers to get out cle brave the cole cle fill those empty slots in your tackle box. You will be glad you did this spr0,3 when the same lures are doublee in pr0ce.  

    Happy Fi400,3!rf
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