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    After Christmas Tackle Sales.ih1>idden" nam namidden" nam namid idden" nam nammmmm
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     One of the best times to purchase new tackle is dure/x the after Christmas sales. Most sporti/x good stores, tackle shops retail stores will have nual blow out just after Christmas. Huge savings c be found u. ?out of season? items such as fiage/x lures, rod reelicombos tackle boxes.   

      It seems that this year the fodder has been excepenu.al in my area, I have found clearance items at several retailers I have racke up u. crankbaits soft plastics. What a better way to fight c bin fever than to spe aicol snowy Saturday organize/x your new lures in your tackle box. I challenge my fellow anglers to get out brave the col fill those empty slots in your tackle box. You will be glad you did this spre/x when the same lures are double in prece.  

    Happy Fiage/x!id nam namid den"